Monkeys at the beach.

Sock monkey and the baby socks destined to become his little  brother. We are in Barwon Heads enjoying the sun and surf. The children get to escape the “helicopter parent” (me) and bike ride, climb trees and walk about on their own.  OK I admit it, I still fret but I leave them to it. When they return it is time to make things and sometimes they put on a play for us. This holidays we are making baby sock monkeys using what else? Baby socks. I will post the end result but meanwhile enjoy these originals.            sock monkeys

 What do you do when you go on holidays with children at the beach? You finish your craft projects of course and start new ones

The children are seen here working on their sock monkeys. How adorable is the pink monkey with red hair? If you want to know more about how to make a sock monkey click here.                                                                          The first stop is to Ocean Grove sewing centre. Shop 2, Park Lane, Ocean Grove. Victoria. It is a small shop with a lot to offer. I was directed to this shop by a friend and from someone who lives in inner Melbourne, I was amazed at the variety of goods on offer. Another really interesting thing about this shop is that you can purchase items one at a time and not a bag of 20 when you only wanted 3. Ocean Grove Sewing Centre gets a big gentlestitchetick of approval for this example of sustainability . 
The children finished the monkeys.


and then dressed them with items from the Barwon Heads All Saints opp shop before sending them outside to play.   


Wow! The view from here is amazing!

Then time for a rest!




Time to finish it all off with tea and homemade rock cakes. Yum! Love holidays.