Yarn along Happy Mail shower.

Just as I was preparing to parcel up a gift for yarn along  for Ginny  from small things for the shower her friend Tracey is hosting, I got some happy mail myselfYarn along French Knitting Book squares and Elly.
It was from my official dog toy pattern tester EASY!! Grand champion of the toy destuffer. My dogs loved the Elephant and I loved the very sophisticated knitting book in French! I have been enjoying looking at both the items and the way the patterns are laid out. Thanks to chezplum.com I can use the French to English knitting dictionary!  Wow! I had no idea such a tool existed and it is quite wonderful. Now as to Ginny’s gift I have made her new little one a rainbow building block, her other little bundles of joy a love heart each and for her and her husband, an Amazon gift card.
I hope they like their postal surprise as much as we love ours.
Jack and Tricky playing with Elly from Easy.

Stay still doggies! Photographing waggy  dogs is very difficult. 

Thank you Easy and feel good and keep looking after your staff who have been quite unwell but are recovering slowly.   ❤ ❤ ❤


Not ONE but TWO big squirrel wins!

crocheted amigurumi winners

I won Evil Squirrel’s nest’s Third Annual Contest of Whatever which gives me the above badge AND merchandise! Nice. If you want to see the other truly wonderful entries click here. If you want to look at Evil Squirrel merchandise click this link and finally if you want to re visit my entry, here it is! again!

crochet Hottie and MBRS talk Books.But what is this about Rainbow Donkey crochet patterns going viral? and tell me more about these books I hear you say! Well here it is! FREE (hooray) Rainbow Donkey pattern by Jennifer Olivarez from Squirrel Picnic. But that’s not all!  The much anticipated  release of (drum roll please!)
The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez.

The Big Acorn Race which will be available in mid March this year through Amazon. I will provide further details as they come through and include the links. And if  that wasn’t enough, let me tell you about
Book called Fun and Easy Amigurumi.

This fabulous book is full of wonderful patterns and is a collaboration of some truly delightful amigurumists including Karin from amilovesgurumi and Vanya from amigurumibb. You can get this book from Amazon

Whew! This post is jam packed with Squirrely goodness but my next post will feature the great Aussie Critter Burra Nimu The Easter Bilby!  Easter celebrations and holidays are sneaking up on us fast over here! A Bilbies work is never done!   ❤ ❤

Evil Squirrel’s Annual Contest of Whatever

Three of my big loves are books, comics and crochet. In particular amigurumi.
My contribution for the “third  annual competition of whatever”    
hosted by my mate Evil Squirrel is entitled “The Happy Dying of Buster Possum”
Wish me luck and prizes!gentlestitches contribution for Evil Squirrel Competition of Whateverscene 2

Win or not, it has been FUN! Coming up soon An Easter Bilby! In amigurumi of course.

some Stuart on Australia Day.

Stuart admiring the view
Our friend Stuart was called to cross the rainbow bridge just before my annual holiday to the beach with friends and family on Australia day. It was and still is very sad but I was sure a mini me anipal Stuart would make his peeps feel a tiny bit better. I used yarn from fozziemums sheep and while the others were surfing, bush walking and swimming, I relaxed, looked at the ocean and made a small Stuart.  Here he is on our deck, drying out from his felting bath.

stuart has a bath
Put me in a sun puddle, I’m cold and wet!







Some Koalas as gifts for the youngest members of the tribe. Free pattern for the koala is here or at my ravelry shop. Stuart with his new aussie friends.
Tiny ami koalas


The teens gave “go ride a wave” surf school a go. They picked it up quickly and I thought they were very good at it.
the children at Lorne Surf School


Had a look around Erskine Falls.
the children at Erskine falls.



Took Lily and Poppy to the dog beach.
Lily and Poppy at the beach.


and took some more Stuart L ❤ VE

Stuart and Stuart's mini anipal.
Spot the real Stuart!

We love and miss you dear Stuart.  ArroOOOO! ❤ ❤ ❤

a loss and a win!

gentlestitches losing badge from Evil Squirrel competitionI didn’t win the competition (there is always next year) but I did get to take home this badge for my blog.

 congratulations to draliman and merbear.


I did have a win though last week because my  free Weaver the Koala pattern was featured on Moogly!  This means my patterns will get to meet more people and I get another badge for my blog. Yes two in one week! If you don’t know about Moogly have a click and look!Moogly-Featured-1251

Click on the button for 10 FREE Koala patterns!

If you would like a free pattern to make your own Koala, click on the photo or go to ravelry.com and search “gentlestitches”














Learn to Knit a Pussy Cat!

Due to the success of the last knit Out Learn to Knit program, creating a welcome and gentlestitches invite you to another free Knit Out this Saturday.  If you can’t make it and you are on facebook, please show your support by giving the creating a welcome site a like or thumbs up.  We will be making cats from squares and also nests with eggs. Not afraid to tackle the big issues let me say it is possible to keep domestic animals whilst protecting the environment.  Just ask fozziemum who has recently installed a cat enclosure which she calls “kitty day spa” and my Uncle and Aunt from Gympie who have a most ingenious and comfortable large cattery under their beautiful high set Queenslander.  click here for economical tips on keeping your cat safe and social.
flyer for 2nd knit out for creating a welcome.

The Masterpiece Displayed

What we can achieve when we work together! A blanket made by people from all over the world reflecting the core principles of permaculture. If you are new to permaculture or even if you are not, take a peek at the wonderful work of Jan Martin from The Snail of Happiness.  Also take a look at her folksy shop. Perhaps your square is here too? My contribution was the positive  and responsible human driven co existence of domestic animals on our fragile flora and fauna. Enjoy!



The Snail of Happiness

So, Saturday was the day when the masterpiece blanket finally got to be a very public manifestation of my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. All those squares from across Britain and all over the world were on show at Gilwell Park in Epping Forest, London as I gave my final presentation before receiving my diploma at the UK Permaculture Convergence. Whilst other people choose to use Powerpoint or Prezi on a computer, or have a slide show, I decided to be low tech, but high impact and take my blanket. The main question was how to display it.

When I discovered that I was to give my talk in a marquee, I knew that my initial idea would work, namely to hang it from a washing line so it was easy for everyone to see. The joy of a marquee is that there are lots of struts to fasten your washing…

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