mobile mending

The good people at and in particular Timetheif have been helping me make my wee blog more mobile friendly. In the spirit of fixing things I bring you two items that have recently undergone repair. I hope this loads well on all devices so I can spend my time making things and not digital wrangling. Is that a thing? 

gentlestitches repair of Elmo Beanie
Lily the dog had fun with this

Elmo the hat gets to live another day!

gentlestitches repaired toy
another canine catastrophe!

My friend’s treasured painter doll gets another go. 

Coming soon “The Spinning Pages”plus lots more amigurumi and a special treat from Squirrel Picnic.  I leave you with a special flower to admire from my courtyard. The Brazilian flamingo flower. All the way from Brazil and happily growing in an Aussie back yard. What blooms have caught your attention lately?Brazilian Flamingo flower

Pocket Pal Monsters

Josh holding crochet pocket pal monsters
I have followed the progress of one of ravelry’s newest designers, youngatfifty for some time now. She creates the most wonderful work with her magic crochet hook.  I road tested her pattern for Pocket Pal Monsters, and as you can see they were well received. 
Percy with crochet Pocket Pal Monsters
Presenting Peter and Paula, Pocket Pal Monsters! For the FREE (just in time for Christmas) pattern click on the link. Enjoy!


up in the sky! it’s a ……

gentlestitches Shane in roof gymIt isn’t finished yet but here is the beginning of the one and only gentlestitches gym. Obviously it lacked crochet but fortunately for me, I won a contest at Teddy and Tottie which solved the problem.
christmas bunting hung in the gym
Beautiful Christmas bunting which will not only look Christmassy but will also brighten up the space until it is painted and etcetera…  Christmas bunting can be made with a variety of shapes including these lovely hearts.  Things are about to get insanely busy so before I commence I will begin my fitness regime.
I might even try it without standing on a ladder. (not!) hanging around the gym
Although highly admiring of all the fit people, my fitness program will be a gentle dog walk, a cup of tea and a crochet hook. Do you enjoy a walk? 




introducing the foxes!

trio of amigurumi foxes by gentlestitches.
These little guys will be appearing at up coming markets and their pattern will be available in my shop soon.
duo of foxes by
Each fox is unique and proving a little hard to part with.
one fox by
I think I will just keep this one and perhaps those over there……..
enjoy the foxes everyone. ❤

The Masterpiece Displayed

What we can achieve when we work together! A blanket made by people from all over the world reflecting the core principles of permaculture. If you are new to permaculture or even if you are not, take a peek at the wonderful work of Jan Martin from The Snail of Happiness.  Also take a look at her folksy shop. Perhaps your square is here too? My contribution was the positive  and responsible human driven co existence of domestic animals on our fragile flora and fauna. Enjoy!



The Snail of Happiness

So, Saturday was the day when the masterpiece blanket finally got to be a very public manifestation of my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. All those squares from across Britain and all over the world were on show at Gilwell Park in Epping Forest, London as I gave my final presentation before receiving my diploma at the UK Permaculture Convergence. Whilst other people choose to use Powerpoint or Prezi on a computer, or have a slide show, I decided to be low tech, but high impact and take my blanket. The main question was how to display it.

When I discovered that I was to give my talk in a marquee, I knew that my initial idea would work, namely to hang it from a washing line so it was easy for everyone to see. The joy of a marquee is that there are lots of struts to fasten your washing…

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Easter Greetings and a Surprise!

Crochet Easter Bunny AmigurumiBB
  Happy Easter season everyone. This Aussie Easter bunny was designed by the fabulous Vanja from AmigurrumiBB and the page with the link for pattern is here.     This guy is named Duncan and he is an aussie cousin to Vanja’s bunny family tree. If you want to make one or a whole warren click here.Bashful the pet rock up a gum tree

 Bashful is having fun enjoying the Australian Bush but he has a big surprise for you! Check back tomorrow to find out what it is!



Howling Mad Cat’s tribute Anipal Mini Me.

an anipal mini me for a special boy and a birthday for some special kittehs. 😀

The Mad Hooligan Cats

Thank you for following The Howling Mad Cat and The Mad Hooligan Chronicles!

In case you haven’t met the late HMC, here he is:


My husband called me today and told me I had a package from Australia. I knew immediately it was from my friend, gentlestitches! I couldn’t wait to get home! Here are some pictures of her handiwork – an anipal mini me of HMC:


HMC aussiegurumi

Kobi sniffing HMC’s anipal:

Ko and HMC's anipal

I am so thrilled! Thank you, gentlestitches!

The cats’ one-year birthday was yesterday, too! I apologize for the quality of this video, but here is Bo playing with one of the kittens’ mousies:

I guess I should have said that Boba was more interested in the camera strap! I took a video of Kobi as well, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as well. I’ll keep trying!

Thank you again for following us!

Quotes of the Day

No amount of…

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