An easy to crochet flower.

IMGP0017To make a crochet flower you will need the following items. Some yarn of  your choice and a crochet hook of any size. A ruler or tape measure  a darning needle and some scissors.
To begin take the hook and the yarn and make a slipknot.  If you have trouble making a slip stitch just tie the yarn around the hook and practice the slip stitch later.
slip stitch
row of chainNow it is time to make some chain.

Once you have the hang of chain keep going until your work measures 14 inches or 30 centimeters and leave a long tail.





Now it is time to roll! Thread the darning roll with the tail and sew the flower                          as you roll it up.

turning and sewing

Almost finished. Roll and shape the length of chain into a flower (circular) shape and use the darning needle to catch.


For variation use a thicker yarn and larger hook and any colour yarn
Your flower is now completed and you can use it as an embellishment on its own or put it together with another flower. Make one, make many. Enjoy. Post me any questions.
two together