Tall N Fast Flower Pillow gets ZZZs

Jack tries out Tall N Fast Flower Pillow.
My contribution to the Squirrel Picnic CAL has been tried and tested by Jack.
He gives it a dog snore of approval. Looks like I will have to make another one for myself!Sherbet and tall N Fast Pillow.
Meanwhile, perhaps you will consider joining me on the 15th June with a piece of your writing? I Would LOVE to hear it. More information HERE!  

Yarn Along Seed Case.

Yarn Along Seed Case and Books Burn Badly by Manuel Rivas
Joining Ginny this week for yarn along where we show what we are making and reading, I took a break from making sheep for “Read me a Story” which will be on the 15th June, and made a Seed Packet, Phone Case from Jennifer Olivarez book “The Big Acorn Race” available HERE!

Galician Literature Day was 17th May and as I was unfamiliar with Galician Literature, I decided to read “Books Burn Badly” by Manuel Rivas. This book has been translated into English by Jonathan Dunne.  It is a book that has an almost fairy tale style of writing in a really absorbing, hard to put down, way. I love what is becoming Jennifer’s signature spiral. Next yarn along I hope to have some signature sheep and of course, don’t forget the nativity cows.

Tall N Fast Flower Pillow gets AWARD!

Week five squirrel picnic CAL gentlestitches contribution
Above are some of the examples of week 4 Squirrel Picnic Crochet along and underneath is my week 5 back of the pillow held by Shane.
I also have not one BUTT two rather exciting bits of news.
News one (I will mention it again on yarn along day) is the Gauntlet Pattern is available for a sneak preview and FREE download right HERE!
News two is that The Big Acorn Race (the book) has a shiny award on it’s front cover! nieaseal-2014-winner-200.png
Congratulations Jennifer! This is the second book I have been involved in that has won an award. Everything comes in threes so who knows what will happen next!

Yarn along Gauntlets and Poetry.

Joining Ginny from Yarn Along this week, two lovely young women show my Gauntlets and a very wonderful book of poetry by Cynthia Jobin entitled “A Certain Age”. I love this book and I am enjoying it very much.crochet gauntlets, poems by Cynthia JobinI am happy with the way the Gauntlets turned out and think they look very “Gauntlety”The pattern will be available on my next post and will be FREE! I am also working on some amigurumi sheep that are going to be involved in our upcoming storytelling day on June 13. If you would like to participate in this story telling day, it would be great to have you. Find out more here.

Wrangling the Tall N Fast Flower Pillow.

squirrel-wrangler-tom-yum-soup-and-tall-n-fast-flower-pillow.Week four of the Squirrel Picnic CAL and Sherbet and I are almost finished this really fun project.  If you would like a to make a Squirrel friend of your own, checkout The Big Acorn Race for the pattern . Time for some Tom Yum soup in my favorite cup. If you would like your very own Rainbow  Unicorn Wrangling mug (and who wouldn’t!) check out Evil Squirrels Shop HERE!

Now for a rather special invitation to all you poets and storytellers out there.

 I am co-hosting a Read Me A Story day scheduled for Monday, June 13, 2016 with Bacon from piglove and friends

We are asking for all of our friends to participate on this date by video taping themselves reading a story to peeps/anipals here on the blogs.  Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?  It can be a short story, the first chapter, something everyone knows or something new.  And the video doesn’t have to be long, 3-5 minutes would be awesome.  You know long enough for all of us anipals here in blogville to get involved in your reading.  And don’t worry about video taping – it can be of the book, it can be of you reading it or it can be of your anipals while you are reading.  Be creative and have fun with Read Me A Story my friends.

Please share this posting and badge with your friends on your blog.

We hope to see you reading a story next month:)

Yarn along with Home Spun Wool and A.S.Byatt

I am virtually exhausted today after our what turned out to be HUGE virtual tribute and garden party to Forrest. Thanks to everyone who clicked and scrolled for Forrest and his family. It was a pleasure to host you! BUT OH! The virtual dishes and cleaning up afterward!Yarn along with ASByatt's Little Black Book Of Stories.

It is Wednesday so I am joining in Ginny’s Yarn Along but with a change of pace. After spinning some fleece a friend gave me (not Baa Baa Bev’s wool) as a surprise I thought I would make her this crocheted rib cowl. I am pleased with the pattern and I noticed there are not a lot of patterns available at the moment for home spun yarn projects so I might be able to fill a niche AND pay some bills at the same time.
Author A.S. Byatt never fails to satisfy. Her stories are the kind that stay and are connected with the old stories so they have a way of rippling and echoing. How wonderful is WordPress for retelling old stories and for sharing new ones too?  There is a surprise coming in a short time that challenges you (yes you) to think about bringing forward an old or new, story of your own. As was said on radio, in a land long ago……stay tuned.❤

Wags and Waves for Forrest day

Pam and Sammy's Forrest badge. It is Forrest Day today.  Click on the poster to visit Forrest’s family and leave a message.  Sammy from onespoiledcat helped me with this and today is his 5th blogiversary. He is donating one dollar to a dog and cat shelter for every comment on his blog so drop over and lend a paw. Enjoy some of my friends and families critters as they each “wag or wave” to honor a great dog Forrest.  Scroll down to have a have a virtual drink and something to eat before you go and for other acknowledgments.

Jack and Tricky wag n wave for Forrest
My son’s dog Jack wags his tail and my dog  Tricky waves a paw for Forrest.
Molly iwaves for Forrest
Molly stands proud for this important day.
Poppy and Lily
My friends dogs Poppy and Lily wag their tails for Forrest.
Molly the pup and Jack the senior dog.
Molly the pup and Jack the senior dog wag for Forrest
Demi waves an ear
Demi my Uncle’s dog takes time out from her afternoon nap to wave an ear for Forrest.
a photo of FOZZIE.M's terrier dog Forrest.
The day I  met Forrest and friends in the furrs
outdoor setting
I have the kettle on so stay a little longer…..
How about a cup of tea and perhaps some pav?
coffee for two
you might prefer coffee.
dog bar
Specially for the dogs
cheese mice
something nice for the cats
bunny food
and for the Bunnies and Gerbils. Beautifully presented.
water for discerning anipal
for thirsty pets
peeps please tell your waiter exactly what you want.
try a laminton or choose your favorite from the table.

Sit down and relax and stay as long as you would like.
Special wishes to Stuart, Beau and Mousegirl and their peeps.

Ann Adamus of Zoolatry badge for Forrest.
Over the rainbow bridge.