how to get free diamonds in royale high

how to get free diamonds in royale high

We show you all the methods to get Free Diamonds in Royale High, the Roblox game. We will also explain which are the most effective ways to get royale high diamonds.

Diamonds are the currency of the game, they appear in certain locations, they can be bought with Robux. They can be won in the Royale Ball, by leveling up or as a prize of the town wheel. But here at we will show you in detail how to get free diamonds in royale high.

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FREE Diamonds in Royale High – Locations

They can appear anywhere, but here we leave you the fixed locations that are reset everytime.

+1 diamond : On the roof flags, or the tower by the school building

+5 diamonds : On the highest jump platform by the pool

+10 diamonds : Behind the windows of the art room, between the pool and the waterfall by the cave, or inside the tower by the back of the forest

+20 diamonds : In the forest shop, behind the windows of the art room. High above the island lighthouse behind the baking class, or by the fire inside the principal’s office, on campus.

Diamonds in Royale High – Royale Ball

You can get diamonds both for winning the Royale Ball, and for playing the dance minigame:

  • Win the Royale Ball: There are 2 winners and they receive 500 diamonds per winner
  • Dance minigame: If you complete the first level you will win 10 diamonds, 20 for the second, and so on

Diamonds in Royale High – Level Up

Whenever you level up, you will earn 300 diamonds per level

Royale high diamonds gamepasses

You can multiply the number of diamonds you earn on the map according to the game pass:

2x Diamonds: Well, that, you multiply by two. For example, for each level you go up, you would earn 600 diamonds

4x Diamonds: Well, that, you multiply by two. For example, for each level you go up, you would earn 1,200 diamonds

4x Diamonds + 2x Diamonds: The effect does not multiply, it adds up. So in the previous example, you would earn 1,800 diamonds by going up one level.

Diamond colors and rewards

Depending on the colors, you will get more or less diamonds, most give 1 diamond, but:

  • Magenta and yellow : usually give 5 diamonds
  • Greens : Sometimes they give 10 diamonds
  • Reds : They can give up to 20 diamonds

What can you buy with diamonds?

Of all, we show you by menu:

  • Character customization: Wings, T-shirts, Tails, Crowns, gems and also accessories
  • Lunch at the castle: Breakfast (6-7am), lunch (12-1pm), and snacks or drinks (24 hours)
  • Decorated shop (bedroom): Beds, shelves, pianos, radio, others

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