Yarn along with Home Spun Wool and A.S.Byatt

I am virtually exhausted today after our what turned out to be HUGE virtual tribute and garden party to Forrest. Thanks to everyone who clicked and scrolled for Forrest and his family. It was a pleasure to host you! BUT OH! The virtual dishes and cleaning up afterward!Yarn along with ASByatt's Little Black Book Of Stories.

It is Wednesday so I am joining in Ginny’s Yarn Along but with a change of pace. After spinning some fleece a friend gave me (not Baa Baa Bev’s wool) as a surprise I thought I would make her this crocheted rib cowl. I am pleased with the pattern and I noticed there are not a lot of patterns available at the moment for home spun yarn projects so I might be able to fill a niche AND pay some bills at the same time.
Author A.S. Byatt never fails to satisfy. Her stories are the kind that stay and are connected with the old stories so they have a way of rippling and echoing. How wonderful is WordPress for retelling old stories and for sharing new ones too? Β There is a surprise coming in a short time that challenges you (yes you) to think about bringing forward an old or new, story of your own. As was said on radio, in a land long ago……stay tuned. ❀

Author: gentlestitches

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25 thoughts on “Yarn along with Home Spun Wool and A.S.Byatt”

  1. Yes, I read a lot of Henry James probably prior to the 90’s when I was deeply immersed in period writing. having made my way devotedly through all the Austen books, all of Dickens and George Eliot and so on, I tried my hand with the Americans and while I enjoyed James’ books, found I mostly preferred the English. Don’t know why.

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  2. I LOVED Possession. I found I had to read that book with a dictionary along side me as there were many words and references which were new to me. I also remember where and in what circumstances I was in and like you, I read it a long time ago. It is an engaging book. There was something a bit “Henry James” about it. Have you read “The Aspern Papers” or “Washington Square?” Those are two of my favorite books but I have a few favorites. ❀


  3. Your spinning looks pretty good – I think filling that niche might be a really good idea! I haven’t read AS Byatt since 1991 – I remember where and in what circumstances very clearly – I loved it, ‘Possession’, but haven’t read anything of hers since. Might be time to pop her onto the list πŸ™‚


  4. It was a lovely garden party and a wonderful tribute to Forrest…..thank you for asking us to be a part of it Sharon. Seeing your teacup has inspired me to go make myself a “cuppa” !

    Hugs, Pam (and Sammy)

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  5. That looks lovely wool, is it a soft as it looks?
    And the culpa, mmmm, I luffs a culpa tea, nearly as much as my puppicinos
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  6. Love handspun yarn, it’s always such a wonder to knit with. Byatt is such a great author, I must start re-reading her books again.


  7. I bet you would have a lot of fun together… she can make the most beautiful things with needles and yarn… sadly her eyes are no longer good enough to create christmas angels or little animals…

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  8. I think hand spun yarn has a magical quality about it especially when given as a gift because it has love inside it. I would enjoy meeting and talking with your grand aunty. πŸ˜€


  9. I stay tuned… of course :o) the grand aunty of the mama does it till today and sjhe never used other yarn than those she spun with her own hands… and I have to admit that the socks she made for me never gave me cold feet in winter :o)

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