Wags and Waves for Forrest day

Pam and Sammy's Forrest badge. It is Forrest Day today.  Click on the poster to visit Forrest’s family and leave a message.  Sammy from onespoiledcat helped me with this and today is his 5th blogiversary. He is donating one dollar to a dog and cat shelter for every comment on his blog so drop over and lend a paw. Enjoy some of my friends and families critters as they each “wag or wave” to honor a great dog Forrest.  Scroll down to have a have a virtual drink and something to eat before you go and for other acknowledgments.

Jack and Tricky wag n wave for Forrest
My son’s dog Jack wags his tail and my dog  Tricky waves a paw for Forrest.
Molly iwaves for Forrest
Molly stands proud for this important day.
Poppy and Lily
My friends dogs Poppy and Lily wag their tails for Forrest.
Molly the pup and Jack the senior dog.
Molly the pup and Jack the senior dog wag for Forrest
Demi waves an ear
Demi my Uncle’s dog takes time out from her afternoon nap to wave an ear for Forrest.
a photo of FOZZIE.M's terrier dog Forrest.
The day I  met Forrest and friends in the furrs
outdoor setting
I have the kettle on so stay a little longer…..
How about a cup of tea and perhaps some pav?
coffee for two
you might prefer coffee.
dog bar
Specially for the dogs
cheese mice
something nice for the cats
bunny food
and for the Bunnies and Gerbils. Beautifully presented.
water for discerning anipal
for thirsty pets
peeps please tell your waiter exactly what you want.
try a laminton or choose your favorite from the table.

Sit down and relax and stay as long as you would like.
Special wishes to Stuart, Beau and Mousegirl and their peeps.

Ann Adamus of Zoolatry badge for Forrest.
Over the rainbow bridge.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

48 thoughts on “Wags and Waves for Forrest day”

  1. We are going to try and make a post in Forrest’s honor.
    It was kind of Sammy to make a commemt-athon too:)

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  2. Oh this wuz a most wunnerful idea fer this speshal tribute day fer Forrest. There wuz so many speshal blogz that took pawt in it. An’u haf really put out the food up there – so much YUMMERLISHUSH food. It haz bin a rather long day – think me’an mom will just sit here awhile an’enjoy – thanx!
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

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  3. Well, what an idea you had! It seems like the whole blogosphere has picked it up and run with it today. Beautifully put and wonderfully presented – how could fail to celebrate the life of dear Forrest.

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  4. You had a wonderful idea with the Tribute to Forrest What a heart felt post Sharon. The many woofies wagging and speaking out for Forrest….wonderful. The food….just fantabulous. We especially enjoyed the toilet water….mom won’t even let us look at the toilet water and we always wondered what it was like….no comment about the taste. MOL I hope you don’t mind but we copied the Cheese Mice from your blog for Cat Scouts…we need foods that look like rodents, hehe

    Kali and Shoko

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    1. Thank you Kali and Shoko, the toilet water is something many critters would like but their owners don’t allow. I am very pleased to share my recipe with the cat scouts. You have my permission to reuse anything you see on my blog for them. 😀


      1. I understand toilet water is an acquired taste. Mom always closes the lid so this was our first time tasting it. Thanks for letting me use the Cheese Mice at Cat Scouts. I tell the cats that I get these items from The Pied Piper Bakery….MOL

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  5. My goodness Auntie Sharon – what an awesome post you did. Forrest was a great guy – I only got to oink at him on line. I’m so green with envy that you got to meet the great guy and his family in person. That would truly be a dream come true that doesn’t look like it will ever happen being so far apart 😦 XOXO – Bacon

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  6. Wonderful party and great group you have. Thank you for hosting this wonderful tribute to Forrest! He was a wonderful guy and we luv his furramily and Bev!
    Marty and the Gang


  7. Thank you for this lovely and touching event in honor of Forrest…..I sure am enjoying the buffet!! I hope you will pardon me if I eat all the cheese mice!!
    Hugs madi and mom

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  8. Sharon what a beautiful post! So many wags, waves, and yummy treats……! Thank you for asking us to be part of your idea to pay tribute to Bev’s beautiful family and their gorgeous boy Forrest. Hopefully all the posts today will warm their hearts just as it has warmed mine to see the depth of love there is for any of us who need it to “tap into” in the pet blogosphere. We are sending you special hugs……for being a special friend……and for hosting this grand send-off for our dear Forrest.

    Hugs, Pam and Sammy

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    1. Thanks Pam and Sammy I talked to the right cat and person when I talked to you two. It is going well and no major learning curves for anyone to master or get stressed over new techno stuff. A blog and links. Brilliant! Help yourselves to some virtual refreshments and have a seat in the garden. ❤

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  9. So much tailwafgs! and even an ear-greeting! That’s wonderful! Many thanks for inviting me to this bloghop for our buddy from Oz. btw: my momma looked green as she saw the paw-lova… while remembering her epic fail :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! As Bev said, a lot of people buy them or buy the shell and then decorate. Thank you for what you did in making this a success! pee ess. Demi (the ear waving dog) lives in the tropics but whines to my Uncle for her blanket if the temp goes under 30 degrees celsius. He is well trained and covers her up quick. ❤
      2nd pee ess. Bev makes her Pav properly and doesn’t have a bought one. I have to admit I buy the shell. 😀

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  10. Oh Sharon..teatowels at the ready…what a glorious celebration of wags and waves and tea 🙂 we love you so much and feel so lucky to call you a friend xxxc no words really..Love Bev and family xxx

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  11. So beautifully presented Sharon – a real party to celebrate your friend Forrest and his family. I never knew Forrest but I can imagine he leaves a very large Forrest-sized hole in the hearts of all who did. I hope today that hole will be filled with happy memories. Siddy sends his love to everyone xoxo

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