Tall n fast flower pillow, week three.

Sherbet the crocheted squirrel and week 3 of the squirrel picnic CAL.It is week three of the Squirrel Picnic CAL and this week Sherbet, a cousin of Podge helps me with my progress. If you would like to make your own Squirrely friend, you will find the pattern in the book The Big Acorn Race. Sherbet has her basket with her which is full of crocheted fruit and flowers. A FREE pattern for the basket is here. This week we added a 3D petal row and I am looking forward to seeing my fellow CAL’s progress.  People have chosen a variety of colors and yarns so no two pillows are the same. It isn’t too late either. If you want to join in , contact me on my contact page or click the cushion on my side bar. I will be available to talk you through each part of the project.  Have a great Weekend and join me on Tuesday for the “wags and waves for Forrest”day.Pam and Sammy's Forrest badge.

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15 thoughts on “Tall n fast flower pillow, week three.”

  1. Thank you! I can imagine Easy giving the pillow “a jolly good shaking” . He will make the world safe for us from all knitted or crocheted pillows. 😀


  2. Gosh I have been out of touch recently… love the pillow and the squirrel… I’m not very good at CALs as I’m usually so busy with specific projects, but I wish I had noticed your pillow one sooner as it’s lovely.


  3. Hi Sharon! Sherbet is adorable! I am so excited that you made a squirrel friend to help you with your pillow. Hodge and Podge say hello to you and Shane and Sherbet. Thanks again for helping out too and blogging about your experience! Happy Mother’s Day!

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