yarn along crochet collar.

Happy Wednesday! Joining Ginny for yarn a long this week I have a change of pace as I coax my lace pattern to become spiral rather than linear. It didn’t want to be spiral. Apparently it was quite happy being linear.  A friend gave me Leunig’s latest book a couple of weeks a go so today I put down the gauntlets and had a read instead.
crochet collar with Leunig's latest book
Interestingly after taking a break, the lace has decided it is quite happy to transcribe its pattern into rounds although unfortunately it ends with being a very complicated stitch. So I have decided to publish not one but two gauntlet patterns. One which will be for the beginner and in double crochet and the second one for the more advanced crocheter in lace.amigurumi foxes show lace pattern in the round.
If any one decides to tackle the more complicated stitch, I would be very happy to give any help as required. Just email me on my contact page. The pattern will be published here next week and on my ravelry shop.  Meanwhile I will attach the sample to a jacket and call it a collar!
P.S.   I’m reminding you until May 10th of the fabulous event in honor of Forrest from Down Under who left for the Bridge last week.   There’s a SPECIAL event taking place on that day – and you can read about it HERE!  

Poster designed by Pam and Sammy from onespoiledcat.

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20 thoughts on “yarn along crochet collar.”

  1. Hi Shoko and thank you. That is a good hint to put the cat toy in a jar of nip to freshen up it’s allure! I hadn’t thought to do that and it would work well. ❤


  2. Hi from us here in Canada to our Aussie friends. I got so excited when I saw the lovely animals you crocheted….you are meowvelous! Mom crochet a rabbit like in the 80’s and its still going strong. Sadly, it has no face just ripped feet and ears. When it loses its nip smell, mom throws him in a catnip jar and there he stays for a week. Mom says you are an excellent crocheter and your goods are beautiful.


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  3. Clever girl..i am behind in any craft at all…but ready to prepare for the wonderful tribute day for Forrest..have shared on FB too…much loves Bev xxx


  4. What beautiful gauntlets AND everything else your magic needles create!! Doesn’t matter what it is, it’s gorgeous, including your adorable ani-pals! We’re excited about Forrest’s Day – and Bev blogged about it today which made it that much sweeter….so happy she’s excited about it too.

    Hugs, Pam and Sam


  5. I wish I could do more with my fingers than digging for gold in my nose… I never thought that so cute much things are possible :o) I probably would make weimaraners the whole day… till I would disappear under my weim-pile lol. my post for forrest is ready and waits for forrestday in my folder :o)

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