an announcement for a tribute day

My friend Bev probably won’t like me saying this because she isn’t one to talk about her charitable works but I will say it anyway. Bev and her husband Phil have worked tirelessly to help animals for many years often using money from their own pockets. This includes wild native Australian animals, domestic pet animals and farm animals. When Bev’s dog Forrest was called to cross the Rainbow Bridge last week I knew a tribute was in order. Bev lives in country Victoria and I in city Victoria, Australia.
I talked about it to Pam and Sammy from the blog one spoiled cat and they made my idea a reality. May 10th is the day – and it will officially be “Wag or Wave for Forrest Day” all across the blogosphere. That’s right – all of us who want to pawticipate can post a photo of us either wagging a tail or a flag or a paw to “wag or wave” in honor of Angel Forrest and show our support to his family. Isn’t that a great idea???  Sam and Pam designed this poster in honor of this special day – if you choose to post for Forrest that day, you can show this badge if you like and maybe use it as a link-up to Fozziemum’s blog so people can stop by and leave her a message???  Here’s the poster:
Pam and Sammy's Forrest badge.Here is the link/address to “All Fur One And One Fur All” – their blog: We want the idea for this special day to spread like wildfire so if you can publicize it on your Facebook page or your Blog – please do and feel free to use the poster for that if you want to. Remember, the day is May 10th and it’s “Wags and Waves For Forrest” day! Also May 10th is Pam and Sams FIFTH BLOGAVERSARY too – and for the occasion instead of a party, they are having  a commentathon – if you stop by there on May 10th and comment on the blog, Sam’s Mom will donate $1.00 per comment to our local shelter which is full of dogs and cats who need a home.    They can always use help so I thought it would be a nice way for ME to honor Forrest by making a donation to them in honor of him.   Somehow I think he’d like that don’t you???? Yes we do Sammy and PamAnn Adamus of Zoolatry badge for Forrest.

Ann Adamus of Zoolatry made this  badge.

See you on the 10th.




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47 thoughts on “an announcement for a tribute day”

  1. We think this is a terrific idea. We have the badge on our sidebar and will be joining in with everybody on the 10th. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  2. What a super idea ! It’s my pawrents wedding anniversary on the 10th so they can all be wagging and waving for Forrest X


  3. We were sad to see Forrest had made his journey. We enjoy Fozziemum’s post showing the Roos ~ her photography is amazing.
    Sweet William The Scot

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  4. Reblogged this on Piglove and commented:
    Friends please gather around – this is an important tribute that will be taking place. Please share this posting so it gets around and mark your calendar for May 10th for “Wag or Wave for Forrest Day” . Forrest meant so much to us all over in blogville. Let’s show the love and support to Forrest’s family. XOXO – Bacon

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  5. Again my many thanks…donating in Forrest’s name is such an honor..when we get our things sorted here we will be doing the same..what a horrid 9 months we have had..and losing Fozzie Bear has been the worst of all…Love Bev xxx

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  6. I am now sure Forrest will have found Chloe..he was an utter dufus 🙂 ..we have still Doc our terrier who at nearly 14 is finding himself a little lost..this hurts even more as you can keeping a routine he is used to and adding new things we hope the new normal is not such an awful time..but yes..the quiet even with 4 cats and Doc is horrid…time..always time..thankyou for your loving words..

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  7. Chloe was twelve and had a very good life, right to the very end. Losing a pet is truly awful, but I have been there before. Unfortunately, this year my elderly cat died two weeks before Chloe, so I was hit with a double whammy. I’ve known people who suffered so much over the loss of a pet that they resolved never to adopt another one… was all just too hard. That’s not been my attitude and I have always had dogs and cats in my home, and always adopted from shelters. Now that I have achieved my biblical “three score and ten” years, however, and have limited mobility, it doesn’t make much sense to take on a new little critter who will need more than I am able to give. That’s the part that is saddest of all for me.. Take care, with your precious senior dogs, Sharon, and thanks for all your kind words.

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  8. You certainly know this sense of loss, and as you said, the “new normal”. I have always had at least one dog as a member of my household and the sudden loss of such a sweet and gentle (and, in the case of Chloe, lovably idiotic) member of the family leaves a terrible sense of something–someone– missing. It’s a hurt that all animal lovers understand, and must experience, I know. Thank you so much for your kind words, and I return them to you at this time, too.

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  9. Cyber hugs to you. It is very hard. I have a couple of senior dogs. One has to return from his walk in a pet stroller because he gets puffed out. I will send a wave and wag to Chloe on the 10th too. ❤️

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  10. This a Pawsome idea as Speedy would say and he has a very Special Adventure in mind for the day something very important He has to do he said and he won’t tell me more than that,xx Rachel and Speedy

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  11. Sharon thankyou so very much for this lovely tribute for our boy and your beautiful words..he is so sorely missed here and we are learning a new normal..which is pretty hard..Forrest would wag em high indeed and Pam is so generous to have a commentathon on her blogaversary..we will be so honored to participate..yes i will have a stash of teatowels at the are a beautiful soul my friend and i am truly humbled as is Phil and the rest of the family..and we love the badge :)..all our love Bev and Phil and Family xxxx<3 ❤

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  12. So happy you had this idea dear Sharon……….and it’s an honor to help out. The fact we can tack on our blog anniversary to the event by having a commentathon to benefit our local shelter is just like “chocolate sauce on the ice cream sundae” !! I think Forrest would approve and add his own wag and wave for all who choose to participate on May 10th. Thanks for asking us to help…………

    Love, Pam and Sam

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