Tall n Fast Flower Plillow week 2.

Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic is  hosting the CAL (crochet along). If you would like to join in (IT IS FREE) please contact me or click on the cushion on the sidebar. It isn’t too late. I would love for you to join us and I am available to answer any questions or help if you get stuck. This is my contribution to our week 2 project, pictured with helper Miss Beautiful Red Squirrel, a review of last weeks spirals by some of the Squirrel Picnic Facebook CAL group and two dogs helping me find my yarn. I asked my son what he thought the caption with the dogs should be and he laughed and said “it doesn’t need one!” Bigafy  the dogs for a smile. 🙂

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

19 thoughts on “Tall n Fast Flower Plillow week 2.”

  1. Thanks Janette, I have “sock envy” I want to make some too but like you, I already have a very full dance card.
    I will enjoy vicarious pleasure through your sockproject. ❤


  2. MBRS! She is sooooo cute. The pillow is awesome. I can imagine it in all kinds of different yarns and colors and textures. I might just have to dig out my old dusty crochet hooks and make up a few!


  3. Love the look of the cushion. Ill keep the pattern in mind for the future, Im knitting socks right now and already have a couple of other projects on the go 🙂


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