yarn along Shakespearean gauntlets.

join us every Wednesday where we share a book and something we are working on for yarn alongI got these two books down from my very tiny library in honor of Shakespeare’s birthday. For a guy whose life no one knows a great deal about, he certainly is a well known guy. Well his writing is anyway. Responsible for changing nouns into verbs and for introducing many phrases into the language which have endured, I give you not one but two unique Shakespearean tomes. Tome one is a reproduction of the original folio edition of works in Elizabethan English and Tome two is an autographed copy of the Graphic Novel of Hamlet written and illustrated by our very own aussie, Nicki Greenberg.  Jack the dogs proves it is occasionally possible to work with animals which is good because I am dealing with fading light hence the outdoor shot.
I hope the gauntlets summon up images of ink, quills and ruffled collars.Reproduction of the folio edition of the complete works of Willian Shakespeare with gauntlets.
The pattern will be available on ravelry next week.

Author: gentlestitches

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16 thoughts on “yarn along Shakespearean gauntlets.”

  1. It will be my pleasure to provide the recipe. I personally wear them most of the time outdoors either to keep the hot Aussie sun off me in Summer or to keep warm in Winter.

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  2. Yes! Also I was amazed to find out how much of our modern language has come from his works. So many phrases we use in every day life can be traced back to his writings! 😀

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  3. Oh Shakespeare! I have only recently really started to read his works barring a few from school days, but I have so many to go! He is fascinating isn’t he?


  4. Thanks Pam I call that yarn “aussie lollies” because they are a combination of the colors “musk sticks” and “spearmint leaves”both of which are iconic aussie lollies! Or candies as I think you might call them. As Shakespeare said “call em what you like! They still taste good!” (paraphrase LOL) ❤


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