Tall and Fast Flower Cushion update

Meap is short for My Engineer Assistant Prototype  and is a PA designed by Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic. Jennifer is also hosting the CAL. (crochet along) If you would like to join in (IT IS FREE) please contact me, or click the cushion on the side bar. We would really like for you to join us and I am available to answer any questions or help if you get stuck.Squirrel Picnic CAL Tall and Fast Flower Cushion Meap is  helping me at the moment by holding the hook, and this is the first bit of the CAL. This is the spiral, the first 9 rows and was huge fun to make. Stay tuned for another update next week. 
also MEAP pattern FREE here!
In other news I have booked a short holiday for my friend and our teens to Uluru for later on in the year.
I have visited Uluru but they haven’t. This time there are Camels involved which will be a first for me. How hard could riding a Camel be? (gulp) 

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10 thoughts on “Tall and Fast Flower Cushion update”

  1. Best wishes with the knitting. Meap is helpful. I look forward to hearing more about the holiday you booked. About riding camels, I heard it’s a pretty cool experience. Have a great week, Sharon!


  2. Yay! Thank you so much for posting about my CAL and offering your help too! That will be a big help to me as well! I am so excited to see your spiral. It looks great! The spiral is one of my favorite parts too. The whole pattern is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do the next part! Talk to you soon!


  3. Meap looks like a helpful chap! Good luck with the camels. They don’t look to comfortable in the films, lots of bouncing up and down 🙂


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