Suncatcher craft eyes review.

I have had the pleasure of testing out some of these wonderful Suncatcher Craft Eyes products. I have made my Bilbies using my favorite all-rounder, black craft eyes but was a bit more adventurous this time and used brown eyes and translucent brown eyes. The adult Bilbies have the size 12mm and their young ones have size 9mm . The Bilbies were photographed across from my house on the banks of Merri Creek.

The free pattern is available through my ravelry shop or right here. I am sorry Michelle but my honest opinion is “they are all equally my first choice” but I really enjoy the variety. I am going to be a bit more adventurous in the future so keep your eyes on my eyes and noses. What is your opinion? Do you have a favorite I can report on back to Michelle?

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18 thoughts on “Suncatcher craft eyes review.”

  1. Thank you for giving me your opinion Trisha and I agree with you. They look good in different ways. I am so glad I moved out of my black eyes comfort zone. 😀


  2. They are all so cute! I couldn’t decide which of the eyes I liked better. They all look good in different ways. That spiral is really interesting and pretty too!

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  3. Thank you so much Pam, I am so glad my Australian critters are being well received. Describing them as “huggable” has made my day.
    ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. LOL! Isn’t the internet wonderful for that? I read a snippet of a poem that really “did it for me” in a book about something else and thanks to the internet, I have found the book and soon to find the poem. I know you will understand that. The poem snippet had wafted around me like a benevolent ghost for a long time. Thank you for checking out my amigurumis. I love making and sharing them so much. ❤

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  5. Oh what wonderful little critters! Like everyone else I love the holding hands one….but they are all just so very huggable – you are so crafty and clever……

    Love, Pam

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  6. I love your bilbies and I like the spiral… they look like they just entered a strange planet… maybe it is possible to make them a starship? lol


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