Happy Easter From The Bilbies.

Happy Easter from me, the  Easter Bilbies and their young ones.     I am working on a Suncatcher craft eyes.com amigurumi eyes review and the pattern for the Bilbies which will be added soon. Meanwhile enjoy my Bilbies as we get ready to distribute chocolate eggs. Easter Bilbies

Author: gentlestitches

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30 thoughts on “Happy Easter From The Bilbies.”

  1. Happy Easter to you too! When I read your comment on my blog, I said to myself that when you start your gratitude jar, I bet you’ll make it real pretty with your creativity. 🙂 Let me know when you make it!


  2. Your was a great story because it made me think that like your Grandmother’s friend, I am handing children nice memories as well as fun toys. I very much like that idea. 😀

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  3. Wow! that’s it! a little fancier but that is it! mine was a Yellow Sunlight Dish soap container with green wool! I just loved that thing, I also remember the lady made me a small stuffie, I took that think with me everywhere! You made my day !!
    Have a Great Good Friday!


  4. Happy Easter to you and the Bilbies! When ever I look at your creations they remind me of when I was a child, one of my Grandmothers friends used to make a babies cradle/purse from the bottom of a dish soap container, poking hot needles around the rim and then knitting/crocheting around it until it was just a tad longer then the cut soap bottle, then tied with a bow at the top, you open the purse and fold it down over the plastic container and there in the bottom was a small mattress and a little baby doll with a blanket! I’ve never seen one since, have you ever seen one??


  5. How did I go this long without having ever heard of the bilby before? Both the real and crocheted ones look so cute! And I had no idea there was a war against rabbits! Maybe we should send Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam down there!


  6. Oh I love the Bilbies!!!!! Sammy and I wish all of you (all of you!) a Happy Easter. Have I ever told you how talented you are? Well you ARE!

    Love, Pam (and Sam of course)


  7. I have had so much fun this morning reading about the Easter Bilby, about which I had no idea! Thank you for contributing to my on-going education…. 🙂


  8. they are so darned cute!!!… and they remind me of Buster a little bit :o) Happy Easter to you!!!
    btw: easy sent a small easter parcel to you, hope la poste has a long distance snail for the delivery to oz :o)


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