some Stuart on Australia Day.

Stuart admiring the view
Our friend Stuart was called to cross the rainbow bridge just before my annual holiday to the beach with friends and family on Australia day. It was and still is very sad but I was sure a mini me anipal Stuart would make his peeps feel a tiny bit better. I used yarn from fozziemums sheep and while the others were surfing, bush walking and swimming, I relaxed, looked at the ocean and made a small Stuart.  Here he is on our deck, drying out from his felting bath.

stuart has a bath
Put me in a sun puddle, I’m cold and wet!







Some Koalas as gifts for the youngest members of the tribe. Free pattern for the koala is here or at my ravelry shop. Stuart with his new aussie friends.
Tiny ami koalas


The teens gave “go ride a wave” surf school a go. They picked it up quickly and I thought they were very good at it.
the children at Lorne Surf School


Had a look around Erskine Falls.
the children at Erskine falls.



Took Lily and Poppy to the dog beach.
Lily and Poppy at the beach.


and took some more Stuart L ❤ VE

Stuart and Stuart's mini anipal.
Spot the real Stuart!

We love and miss you dear Stuart.  ArroOOOO! ❤ ❤ ❤

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39 thoughts on “some Stuart on Australia Day.”

  1. How did I miss this Auntie Sharon?! This is absolutely wonderful – what a tribute to our pal Stuart. Sweet Felix has shared his love ALL OVER THE WORLD. XOXO – Bacon


  2. This was such a touching post, Sharon. You are a wonderful friend to use your talent to bring comfort and preserve memories. I love your Stuart ami. So beautiful. You guys look like you had a great time making new memories at the beach as well. A full holiday, I’m sure! Best wishes!


  3. Thankyou, and nice juicy bones to yours! I’d give one to Buggz but he only has 4 teeth left! Most expensive/extensive dental surgery in town they told me! lol! but he was worth it!

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  4. I lost my Petey 2 yrs ago and miss him so darn much, my Buggz is turning 14 this summer and is going blind, it will kill me when he crosses the rainbow bridge.
    I feel for you, and you did a lovely job on lil Stu (my brothers name is Stewart) so it felt strange typing Stu! lol…
    take care! ((Hugs))

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  5. If your memories bring laughter, smile. If they bring sadness, cry. Memories made in love can never be taken away. Mini-Stu is great and he looks like the real Stuart. Two years ago my dog Henry died, he was poisoned. That is why I understand your feelings very well. Our dogs are members of the family and their loss is very painful.

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  6. Thanks Stuart’s peeps, I am so glad. I just love the top photo. It looks like real Stuart engaged in some deep and peaceful contemplation. Mini-Stu will have a lot to tell you when he arrives. I posted him yesterday morning. ❤

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  7. Sharon is a darling..she told me of her idea and i felt honored that she would use Felix’s wool .We miss Stu terribly..nothing to your loss..but he had us at AROOOOO ..loves to you all Bev xxxc

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  8. Oh Bev. What can I say about this joint effort of love on Stuart’s behalf? Your wool…Sharon’s talent. I don’t know what to say. Except I’m moved beyond belief that the two of you thought so much of Stuart (and us) to create such a tribute to him.

    Thank you my friend, The Peepstress (and Dad Peep)

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  9. I can’t stop crying. I can’t stop feeling so very, very lucky to have such warm friendships – all made possible by Stuart. I’m overcome by this post, these friendships, these beautiful photos and our Stuart Anipal.

    Bless you Sharon. For everything.


  10. So sorry for your loss, I completely understand. I lost my Po’, at 18 years old two years ago Jan 20th. She changed my life, made me better, and I will remember her forever. I’m also a knitter and crocheter, but arthritis has slowed me down some now. I never felted, though. Not even once. If you’re ever in America and want to adopt another dog, let me know.


  11. You are absolutely right Pauline, I tried out some needle felting for Stuart’s “skirt” and face whiskers on top of the crochet. I was pleased with the result and will be incorporating it in future projects.

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  12. It’s so hard for us when our little friends cross over that bridge – I can see Stuart inspired you to even greater things though with your ‘mini-mes’. That little Stuart is totally gorgeous and a little bit of him lives on!


  13. The mini me Stuart is something beautiful to cherish. So sorry for the loss of that little one…


  14. What a brilliant job of making a mini-Stu – it looks JUST like him. You are so sweet and I know Stuart’s Mom will just love having such an incredible little reminder of him made just for her. It’s a special remembrance for sure…………..

    Love, Pam (and Sam)


  15. I still treasure The Timmy you made me before he crossed the rainbow bridge. I still miss him terribly 3 and half years later, but my Timmy symbol is a great comfort to me. Love Deb

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  16. Totally precious Sharon..bless your heart..Stu’s peepstress will love her mini me Stu…wonderful pictures and a beautiful time with your precious Son xxxx Bev


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