4 very helpful dogs.

Lily has a new pup called Poppy.

Lily and Poppy at their forever home

What better way to introduce her than in a pair of gloves made by my friend Pauline?
Lily and Poppy at their forever home

Lilly and Poppy help with the laundry
Poppy loves her forever home with her Mother and peeps. Here she helps with the laundry
Jack the dog shows off a complete fleece at gentlestitches house
Jack shows off a fleece that is being prepared for spinning

                        whole fleece which belonged to Oscar and his Mum Bev.

skirted and clean gentlestitches fleece

Skirted, cleaned and ready for carding.

skien of gentlestitches Baa Baa Bev's wool and gloves by Pauline.









A skein, fresh off the Niddy Noddy. More about that next time.

Merlin adds his quality control










Merlin takes a break from helping his peeps move house to provide me with quality control and feedback.  Merlin barks ” YES!

Hooray for helpful critters! ❤

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

35 thoughts on “4 very helpful dogs.”

  1. oh no, no, no! 😀 . Poppy will NEVER leave and she is staying right here with her family. She is growing up very big but not as big as Lily yet. I do love the spinning and found it to be quite difficult but practice and persistence has paid off and I am producing a good product. ❤


  2. Poppy’s got such a velvetty coat !! Wish I was there close by 🙂 you must be having such a wonderful life with Lucy, Jack, Merlin and Poppy !! I hope you have not given away Poppy for adoption – I would love to see her growing up with you 🙂 Am curious if she will look like Lucy. You have some gorgeous fleece out there. Great going on your woolly adventure !


  3. Sharon, Poppy is beautiful! And I think it’s lovely that you have such fresh wool to work with from your friend’s sheep! Will be an amazing project once it’s all together. I hope you post pics for us 🙂 Hope your winter is going OK – I’ve been told about Melb’s ridiculous ice (and frost) this past week!!


  4. Swap didn’t cross my mind but for a long time I’ve been preparing to send you something special from Croatia. Swap does sound as great idea and I’m for it 🙂


  5. Poppy is so cute! I wish I am closer to come and play with him 🙂
    Wool is gorgeous Sharon!!!!
    Carding is fun. I am collecting my dogs fur (after brushing her), and love carding, seeing how it turns from bulky looking ball into soft and tender wool so nice to touch.
    Can imagine how it feels with real sheep wool. I envy you a little but am so so happy for you as well. Happy you can enjoy this wool making process and really looking forward to see you final products.
    Count me as you buyer once you’re ready to sell.


  6. I am so intrigued by this post! Thank you for sharing your wooly adventures. I’ve never seen a whole fleece before. How interesting! I can’t wait to see more.


  7. Thanks Pauline. I am itching to get going on that wool. My first project will be a small rug from the first lot of spinning to go under the spinning wheel to anchor it a bit. Hand spun wool is so special. I will put some aside for you so you can have the pleasure of making a scarf or something from it if you like. <3.


  8. My goodness, Poppy’s fur looks like velvet – how absolutely adorable! Those mittens look like gauntlets on you dainty hands 🙂 And it is wonderful to see how well you are getting along with your new activity – that fleece looks great! Thanks for the mention m’dear! xo


  9. Oh my goodness – the cuteness is overloaded in this post – from the poochie to the gloves to YOU Auntie Sharon. ❤ XOXO – Bacon


  10. I love the sweet little puppy and of course all the dogs. I have also 4 dogs and it is so much fun beeing around them, but it can get very messy if they start playing wild games 🙂


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