ami eyes

gentlestitches amigurumi brindle Kelpie with Suncatcher Craft eyesAn article about amigurumi eyes and eyelids from Squirrel Picnic inspired me to rethink Tatty the Brindle kelpies eyes.  I obtained her very unique eyes from Suncatcher Craft eyes and I was happy with them but something was missing even with the black eyeliner I had added with indelible ink. Take a look at this photo of Tatty to see what I mean.picture of a Tatty the brindle kelpie gentlestitches

Tatty has a very deep,wise expression in her eyes and I was having trouble capturing it. After I read the article on embroidered eyes I decided to have a go at combining the two and this is what I came up with. gentlestitches amigurumi crochet brindle kelpie dog

Combination of embroidery and Suncatcher Craft eyes.  Tatty’s owner was very pleased.  A big THANK YOU to all who share their tips,tricks and techniques so generously online. It is quite inspirational. For more  inspiration click on the The Snail of Happiness  to read about the perfect Dragon eyes on a rather perfect Dragon. 

Author: gentlestitches

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29 thoughts on “ami eyes”

  1. Really cute. I’ve always wanted to learn amigurri. Thank you for your kind words about tubby
    Retro rover


  2. Love both ways. First one is more amigurumi and makes ordinary dog, but the second eyes bring personality and dog ends to be just crocheted dog, but becomes Tatty looking one. Excellent work Sharon!

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  3. Thank you I am enjoying the notion of “mixed media” in all area of the arts and crafts. You work with this idea a lot with your card making and I am just starting to get it. It really does give depth that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Racoons would be so fun to make. 😀

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  4. What a difference ‘eye liner’ makes on this cute critter! It looks so realistic, since you contoured the top and didn’t just make them round. Beautiful work! I also like evilsquirrel’s suggestion of making raccoons!


  5. I love your kelpie — both before and after. But I must admit that your embroidery has given your ami depth of personality. And I’m a sucker for puppy dog eyes. Thanks for linking to my tutorial. I have several more posts lined up exploring different techniques for creating ami faces. I hope you will enjoy them. Cheers!

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  6. Thanks Bev I can’t wait to get started with “our” own wool! I am onto my second ball and I predict ball 6 will be of suitable knitting standard. I to 6 will be usable but the tension is slowly improving. 😀

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  7. Oh WOW Sharon this is absolutely adorable!! Bravo you clever girl…love it..and feel so proud of you honing your craft 🙂 Bev xx ❤ ❤


  8. Now you are refining your craft and turning it into art! What a stunning difference the embroidery makes. While the eyes are perfectly fine in the first photo the personality of Tatty is absent – add some embroidery and voila!! I just love seeing this progression in your work. And Dr Snail’s dragon – my goodness – what a work of art!! [He is called Arthur in honour of his homeland 🙂 ]


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