Mr Bowie fan art Suncatcher Eyes Edition

Mr Bowie and his crocheted anipal minime.
Photo courtesy of Hands on Bowie. Mr Bowie poses with his fan art sent to him by me. My work is made more beautiful by the lovely Michelle of Suncatcher Craft Eyes work of fine and affordable eyes and noses. I have always had Michelle’s button on the side of my blog because I support her business but today I become an affiliate which means we are now officially  working together. Her blog has free patterns too and lots of information regarding craft accessories.  I wish you and your family well Michelle!Mr Bowie sniffs his gentlestitches anipal minime
Mr Bowie seems quite pleased with his fan art. I hope to make more anipals, amigurumis and work on other yarn related ventures this year. I enjoyed making my Mr Bowie very much and I hope you enjoyed the lovely photos his owner Herman took.Mr Bowie made by gentlestitches in crochet
Mr Bowie says “meow” and come and visit him over here. 


Author: gentlestitches

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22 thoughts on “Mr Bowie fan art Suncatcher Eyes Edition”

  1. Mr Bowie is very cute!
    I have Suncatcher eyes on my wanted list for quite some time now ( your blog introduced me to them and seeing your toys with wonderful eyes and noses I wanted to buy them). My major problem is deciding which size to buy. They really have huge and wonderful selection.
    Will have to make up my mind and buy me some soon.


  2. Wonderful to see the two together 🙂 and an awesome job Sharon ! i am so happy you have a new venture as well and those eyes are amazing! onwards and upwards 🙂 loves form us all Bev xx

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  3. Mr. Bowie is a long time friend and we think the “mini-Bowie” is absolutely ADORABLE! Obviously Mr. Bowie approves… got the “sniff of approval” !!

    Hugs, sammy

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  4. Wow! Thank you so much for this lovely post, Sharon! We’re both honoured. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”


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