a visit to the magic aussie bush.

an Australian afternoon tea








I had a grand adventure on the weekend which involved a trip to Barker’s Creek, home of fellow blogger, Bev and her lovely husband Phil. Bev (aka fozziemum) blogs about life in rural Australia and the adventures of their many and varied critters. This visit, although very social (check out the sumptuous morning tea all hand-made by Bev) had a secret reason attached to it. Bev and Phil had something for me which of course involved yarn but wasn’t yarn. Although they gave me 3 bags of wool too.  Confused? What do you think it was? Well I will keep my special secret to myself for a bit longer and tell next time. Meanwhile enjoy the photographs of a truly remarkable place.

Kitty day spa, place specially for the kitties.                                                                        
This way to Kitty Day Spa where cats and wildlife can live in peace.gentlestitches photo of FOZZIE.M's four cats
Going clockwise we have Dinnermintz , Cleo, Pickles and Marbles.  You can find out more about them here.
a photo of FOZZIE.M's terrier dog Forrest.
Gorgeous Forrest giving Aunt Sharon a huge grin.
a photo of FOZZIE.M's terrier dog Doc.
Doc smiling and showing that although a small dog he has a HUGE personality!FOZZIE.M'S 3 sheep and some yarn bombing
Bev and her 3 sheepies, Jock, Felix and Oscar. The bottom picture shows some yarn bombing they did themselves! For information about them and their care click on Fleecy Friday!Bev and Phills Green's magic property including dam and view through fence
I couldn’t possibly do justice with a few words and pictures of this most extraordinarily beautiful place. The house was county style but with 2015 comforts and mod cons. The outside had blurred boundaries because of the trees and undulations. A fence around the actual house was separated from the big bush block by a fence that offered panoramic views via (I believe) perspex.  There are often Kangaroos about but they stayed hidden from me. I must have made them shy. The last photo is of the dam which looks like a peaceful place to sit especially at sunset. Thanks Bev and I will be showing something very special that came from here next time! What do you think it is?


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52 thoughts on “a visit to the magic aussie bush.”

  1. Oh, I wish you can feel how happy and excited I feel about your trip to Barker’s Creek! What a wonderful place. Your photos and story made me as if I was there with you, seeing and enjoying my day. Thank you for wonderful post and photos Sharon. I really enjoyed!


  2. Thanks for visiting!
    When I checked out your blog and saw you with a spinning wheel and three bags of wool the childhood rhyme popped into my head….Ba Ba Black Sheep have you any wool, yes sir yes sir three bags full!
    I have a friend who sends her Alpaca wool to another then when she gets it back she has a small weaving loom and she makes lots of Alpaca stuff!
    I’m jealous!!

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  3. I love photos of smiling dogs, they are so contagious 🙂 Mr. Bowie’s blog led me here. I love the anipal you made for him!


  4. Lucky, lucky you getting to go spend time with sweet Bev at her wonderful place. I have told her how much I would love to visit her but chances are very slim for that. What a super place to go visit. Great pictures.


  5. Squeals!! So much fun and table full of delights. Oh man – they only thing that was missing was well ME! Snorts and oinks. And I think I know what it was but I’m keeping my piggy lips shut. Yes I am. I can keep a secret. Love you Auntie Sharon!! XOXO – Bacon


  6. I came across a kangaroo in a funny little chinese shop the other day. Usually the stock is pretty crummy but this was a surprisingly nice and well-made kangaroo and now of course I’m jolly sorry I didn’t buy it. God alone knows where I’d put it, but still. Should have bought it.

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  7. Oh what fun! That tea/scones/goodies table looks yummy – Bev is magic with baking yummy things……and the property must be awesome to see in person. I’m also guessing you got a spinning wheel – I seem to remember hearing that she had one!!!! Can’t wait to see what you can do with the sheep wool………………..

    Hugs, Pam


  8. Great pictures of what is surely a wonderful place to be. Moms favorite is the snacks of course. Mine is Doc because he looks a little like me!

    Love and licks,


  9. Any place that has smiling dogs, a safe haven for kitties and an unobstructed view of the natural surroundings is my kind of place – and scones! Perfection!! My favourite are wombats – there is just something about the way they bumble and bustle about…. sometimes I think Siddy has a bit of wombat in him.

    Wasn’t yarn, but involved yarn? I’m guessing maybe a spinning wheel? A carpet? A woolen toy?
    Your own sheep? Am I warm?

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  10. Sharon what a lovely post and thankyou…the pics are gorgeous and it was a pleasure to have you up at our humble abode 🙂 and I am sure the boys are super happy that you have their wool 🙂 hugs Bev xxx


  11. They move around between the neighbours and sadly it was not our turn..although they I am looking at them out the front now from my kitchen window while I make dinner 🙂


  12. I’m sure it’s a great place and Bev and her furmily are wonderful people :o) I like the kitty day spa sign, seems with that official stamp the no dogs rule is law :o)


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