See Beautiful Weim, Scarves and Foxes.

gentlestitches amigurumi foxes, see beautiful, hand made scarf and Goose the Weimaraner
This time of year is perfect for a light scarf and I have some tips on how to create one very easily at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile enjoy this little black and white number which is a backdrop for my recent happy mail. It was a thank you from Goose the Weimaraner for helping celebrate his 15th birthday and it included a gift for me. It was a sticker and a tag which said SEE BEAUTIFUL. I will put the tag on my keyring to remind myself of all the beauty around me.  The bag of yarn behind the foxes can only mean one thing!Brothers and sisters for them! I have a market coming up soon and also an opportunity to display and hopefully sell, my patterns at Woolarium the wonderful yarn and accessories shop in High St Northcote. 
two gentlestitches hand made scarves modeled by Winter Owl, Owls.
Another two scarfs from the same pattern and modeled on Owls made from Winter Owls lovely shop which I believe reopens in June this year. Now onto the scarf pattern.

gentlestitches beautiful and easy scarf pattern for knitting or crochet.

You will need. (a)Either a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook (any size) (b) a full ball of yarn of your choosing. (c) a tape measure. (d) a darning, tapestry or wool needle.

If knitting. Using knitting needles and tape measure cast on enough stitches to make  8.5 inches or 22 centimeters.                         Using knitting stitch of your choice (plain for beginners, complicated for advanced),knit until fabric measures 30 inches  or 76 centimeters and cast off.
Line up short ends, pin and then using the sewing needle, sew ends together. Sew in any ends and trim. Voila! Your own beautiful circular scarf to brighten up any outfit or peek out from a jacket.

If crocheting. Using  crochet hook and tape measure, chain until work measures 8.5 inches or 22 centimetres.                                 Choose any crochet stitch from single crochet to an advanced lace, work until fabric measures 30 inches or 76 centimetres.                             Line up short ends, pin and then using the sewing needle, sew ends together. Sew in any ends and trim. Voila! Your own beautiful circular scarf to brighten up any outfit or peek out from a jacket.

Send me a photo or a description if you make one. Enjoy!

Author: gentlestitches

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29 thoughts on “See Beautiful Weim, Scarves and Foxes.”

  1. Oh, now that you mentioned beautiful yarn. Saw some on sale (but was still expensive so I haven’t bought it yet)….Fancy, yarn… Oh, that yarn would be just perfect for this scarf!!! Will go to check if they still have it in the shop! Fingers crossed!!


  2. Scarf idea is great! Will definitely try making one using this method. Just have to think of some nice crochet stitch I haven’t used so far to try on this scarf. Thank you for this one!
    See beautiful tags and thank you note is awesome. What can I say about owls…. eeeverybody loves owls and these are so cute! 😀
    Fuzzy foxes are fantastic! Thank you for the link (those must try soon)!
    Thank you for share, links, photos, everything you do Sharon!


  3. Oh, my, how lovely. My moms must make the little foxes! I believe they would make excellent toys for us cats 🙂 Oh, and I saw the miniature Mr. Bowie you made — so cute! You are very talented!!


  4. My good grief, you put mom to shame! She is not great at sewing, knitting but can do some crocheting, She crocheted a little rabbit…like …wow….like 30 years ago and we still have it! Mom liked the little Koala and might just try it. Good luck at selling some of your work. They are truly beautiful.



  5. Oh Sharon, these are all so beautiful! I LOVE that black and white scarf (and the little foxes!). Best of luck to you at your upcoming market – I’d bet there will be big demand for your little beauties!


  6. Urghh…I am swapping between to computers as one gets one lot the other gets the other lot and somewhere I get none or they bounce back…..:(


  7. Hahaah can’t wait! my emails are playing up I did reply but I have no idea if you got it…urghh we may even spot the ketchup mob too when you are up 😉 xx


  8. Ah, there’s those lovely foxes. It’s so good to see them again. They are darling! And it’s exciting to hear there will be more made for the festival. Those yarns look so luxurious! They will make some beautiful foxes. Thanks so much for sharing your scarf pattern. The way you modeled them on the owls was clever and cute!


  9. Sharon I love these foxes and the scarf 🙂 and it’s that time of year to get the yarn out! what a gorgeous gift from Goose and his Mum in celebration of a wonderful age of 15! I hope you sell lots of beautiful things my sweets and Woolarium sounds like a fab place! hugs Bev xx


  10. Congrats on the selling opportunity – I hope it goes really well for you! Your scarf pattern does exactly what a good scarf pattern needs to do – measurements and leave the creative bit up to the maker. Just fabulous! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  11. thank gentle stitches I am going to Tasmania for the first and possibly only time in May so I will make myself a scarf to take I appreciate your artistry so much


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