a loss and a win!

gentlestitches losing badge from Evil Squirrel competitionI didn’t win the competition (there is always next year) but I did get to take home this badge for my blog.

 congratulations to draliman and merbear.


I did have a win though last week because my  free Weaver the Koala pattern was featured on Moogly!  This means my patterns will get to meet more people and I get another badge for my blog. Yes two in one week! If you don’t know about Moogly have a click and look!Moogly-Featured-1251

Click on the button for 10 FREE Koala patterns!

If you would like a free pattern to make your own Koala, click on the photo or go to ravelry.com and search “gentlestitches”














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19 thoughts on “a loss and a win!”

  1. Sorry you lost at Evil Squirrel contest but that badge is awesome! 😀
    Congratulations on Moggly listing. I love that little koala. Still have one I made two years ago. Love it and not giving that one to anyone!!!


  2. Yes it does. Being part of whatever is big fun. I think Easy would very much enjoy holding small Koala in his paws. (and then skillfully……:-D)


  3. we were a part of whatever and we had a good laugh, that’s cool too :o) the koala is tooooo cute, it screems to hold it in your hands like a baby :o)


  4. Sorry you didn’t win, Sharon. The Koala is so beautiful! I’m sure Mr. Bowie would love it…


  5. I am glad you asked although I have been sent photographic evidence of Koalas made with that pattern with oval embroidered noses. I get my eyes and noses through “suncatcher eyes”. A one woman show who makes very affordable and wonderful eyes and noses. Alas, no Koala ones yet. I just sent her an email with that suggestion. ❤

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  6. Your little koala is so sweet – and I’m sorry you didn’t win, I thought you would! Still, Evil Squirrel’s badges are so funny – it’s worth not winning just to have one of them!

    I just friended you on Ravelry a couple or so days ago. I finally got around to having a good browse round and found lots of lovely things to make! And congrats on the Moogly listing – I love looking at all her links and often save things – it’s one I follow on face book – lookit me up with the play 🙂


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