gentlestitches entry for the 2nd annual Evil Squirrel completion.

gentlestitches entry in Evil Squirrel competition 2015

Serious gamer’s get VERY excited. Presenting a brand new SNES found at Savers thrift store and still in it’s box! Rainbow Donkey is challenging Croc to a round of Super Mario All Stars while a large group of amigurumi critters wait for their chance to play the winner. In the forefront are the thumb war finger puppets made for me, my son and my friend Vanja at AmigurumiBB  by Jennifer at squirrel picnic in a make it challenge. Rainbow donkey was made by me but pattern designed by Jennifer and can be found here.

This post is my entry for Evil Squirrels 2nd annual competition which is to include a game and at least two species of animal players.  An interesting point made by my son about the old games is that everything was SUPER! Super all stars, Super Nintendo, Super Mario Bros. So have a Super bit of nostalgia and ……

Wish me Super good luck!


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30 thoughts on “gentlestitches entry for the 2nd annual Evil Squirrel completion.”

  1. Good luck my friend. This is awesome! Daddy is green with jealously over the game system – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  2. This is SUPER! Best of luck in the competition. Your amigurumi collection is darling and your Rainbow Donkey is amazing. Great work! Thanks so much for sharing the thumb wrestlers with your friends. I’m a bit jealous of your SNES. Your house is a fun place to be!


  3. I can’t figure out if I am more jealous of the knitted Domo Kun or the fact that you found that SNES second hand in such good condition! 😀


  4. Nothing like a friendly little 16 bit challenge between critters! I did have a SNES, but bought it in 1998 when they were being phased out… other than that, my home gaming was done on its predecessor the NES… original and the best!

    Thank you for a lovely entry!!! And I hope RD can work the controllers with his hooves! 😉


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