Knitted dog and cat toy

I have been working on my free speech pencils, amigurumi Owls and of course foxes. For a change of pace I decided to design a anipal toy. I wanted it to be fun, safe and versatile. My little boy ,his dog Jack and my dog Tricky were more than happy to road test it.

crochet toy for people cats and dogs
hours of fun for the whole family!Introducing the anipal foxes.
knitted fox dog toys
knitted anipal toy foxes!















Lily the very beautiful and much loved Terrier barks “yes” to the toy.

Lily the Terrier trials toy
Lily the Terrier trials toy

Jack thinks this is a great game!

Jack the dog plays tug o war with crocheted toy and boy
You are MINE!

Jack is so pleased with his toy he runs outside to bury it!

knitted fox dog toys
Jack decides he is tired of sharing.

I am still working on the design and will share it when it is completed. Meanwhile I am lucky to have so much keen quality control.



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39 thoughts on “Knitted dog and cat toy”

  1. What a great test team, the toys must be very tough! My Ruby likes to remove the eyes, then the nose and finally the insides of her toys!


  2. Sharon, your latest anipal toy foxes are so cool! And I agree 100% w/ the above – that if it’s survived the jawed grasp of a terrier, nothing can possibly tear or hurt it! Not to mention, it’s a great, vibrant color. Love it. 🙂


  3. This is hilarious and reminds me of something the little guy here Houdini would do. Now you know how he got that name – snorts. So wonderful your foxes Auntie Sharon! XOXO – Bacon


  4. Oh I love your canine pattern testers !! If the foxes have survived their clawing, shearing and being soaked in their drool, the design clearly has been a triumph 🙂


  5. You’ve got the perfect team there – your talent for the cutest and toughest crafts and the best “test team” in the business! Can’t wait to see the final product. xoxoxox


  6. Looking forward to anipal foxes. From the photos they really seem ad fun time bringers. Specially to your sweet little dogs and son. 🙂


  7. HaHa! Bev and I have discussed you as the “ultimate test” of a toys studiness. The Silvermistygrey destuffinator of France! I shall send one to you when I have completed the design for you to test! 😀


  8. Very cool, that you can make them and that they are so well loved by the anipals 😀


  9. How grand that you have a “test team” for the toy AND it looks like it was a BIG HIT! It’s adorable and must be QUITE sturdy to go through that rigorous testing procedure!

    Hugs, Pam


  10. Good and funny point Bev. I will have to send my final prototype for the “ultimate” test. The test of the Silvermistygrey destuffinator of France! I humbly think they will be OK!
    Time will reveal all! 😀


  11. Well they have proved a great hit Sharon! and trust me if Jack can’t kill it well….then again has it met a certain silvermistygrey gentleman 🙂 aka the destuffinator of France 😉 loves Bev xxx


  12. LOL! Very good points Pauline. I will add that comment when it comes time to promote them. I put a strand of extra tough fluffy goat yarn through it to hold it together longer.

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