a brave little pencil.

a movie made by my son and staring amigurumi pencil. If you would like an amigurumi pencil for yourself, go to my ravelry page and download a FREE  copy of the pattern. A FREE pencil for FREE SPEECH.

Amigurumi pencil is tough and never gives up.brave amigurumi pencil

He loves you all and wants to make you smile. 😀

We are wise we are kind we are many.



Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

30 thoughts on “a brave little pencil.”

  1. I cannot count the ways in which I admire this little pencil, it’s message, and the creator of the wonderful video!! Inspiring and wonderful :).


    1. Thank you Anna. I am going to make you a brave little pencil to keep. I have read out the comments to Shane and told him he has made people feel a bit better. It was all his own idea and work. 😀


  2. A very brave little pencil indeed ! Awesome bit of animation there by your son 🙂 Thanks for making us smile, sonny boy 😀
    Have downloaded your pattern and will try them out once my TO DO list is ticked off !


  3. OMg he is not only lovey intelligent and beautiful he is so gosh darned creative too you are both amazing love and kisses Deb


  4. The video is so cute! Did it take him hours to make? I am busy thinking of each small movement that has to be made and filmed ……… most impressive. I liked it so much I visited your Ravelry store and downloaded the pattern. I just rad it through and thought ‘Dagnabbit! I could make that and have fun in my art room with it!’ [Did you see what I also found in your Ravelry Store?] 🙂

    Thank you Sharon, that was a delightful bit of fun! xo


    1. I am glad you liked it. I am not entirely sure how he made it but he used an ipad and an app. He also needed to take the bottom out of a chair and create a small “movie studio” I am so grateful I got a creative child. We have had so much fun making things together. Thanks for downloading my pattern and I am not sure what else you found but I would love to know! I didn’t put up Orlando’s pattern so it isn’t that. 😀


  5. That is awesome, and adorable as well! My compliments to Shane on this award winning bit of theatre! 🙂

    And I won’t mention in front of the brave little pencil how I used to chew on them in school…. 😉


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