The Christmas Comic Sulphur Edition

I have been a big fan of the printed word since my older brother bought a book home from our local primary school. My wonderful Uncle Geoff introduced me to comics not long after and my primary school teacher completed my initiation by reading Shakespeare out loud in class. It wasn’t long before I was having lengthy and exciting conversations with my local librarians and I suppose looking back, I had a lot in common with Matilda although not a genius but undeniably bright and with an inextinguishable  passion for life.
 Today I present to you Sulphur. A one of a kind piece of artwork by Evil Squirrel.He is having this fun giveaway for the first lucky 20 entrants. Thank you ES, I love my Sulphur and it will hang in my recently renovated studio and I will enjoy it every day! Photos will follow when completed.
comic collection featuring ES creation Sulphur

Comics dating back to oldest (1947) to present day Deadpool Japan 2014. Also Tango a homegrown comic from Cardigan Comics and one of my faves, Hamlet by Nicki Greenwood. Now it is back to meeting my self imposed Christmas deadline amigurumis but please check back for a very special New Years Eve invitation in two days time. Meanwhile Enjoy a close up of Sulphur!
Comic character of Evil Squirrel, Sulphur

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

19 thoughts on “The Christmas Comic Sulphur Edition”

  1. Yippeee Sulphur ! So, I guess the ES card game is now over ! Not sure what Squirrel picnic got. Comics !!! they are the best memories of our childhood, aren’t they !


  2. HaHa! The Japanese comics are read what is considered back to front compared to what the West use as format. VERY confusing plus only most use not all. o_O


  3. seems a dog was there and visited the poor snow guy :o) As I started to read comics I always read it top down instead to read them from left to the right and I wondered that it never made sense to me :o)


  4. Books will always be a source of childhood magic to me..that solice of you and a good read..cannot be beaten 🙂 loves Bev xxxx


  5. Yes a genuine copy in Japanese from the Japanese manga museum, library and bookstore! I think you would enjoy visiting Japan very much and I hope you feel better quickly. 😀


  6. I was about to ask if that was really yellow snow. Yikes!

    Deadpool Japan? Awesome!


  7. Thanks ES! Judging by the toon I fear he might not be completely housebroken. It doesn’t snow here but I have heard all about “yellow snow” 😀


  8. YAY! He looks great surrounded by all of your other wonderful treasures! I’m glad you like him, and I hope Sully enjoys himself in the great Down Under! 🙂


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