pulling together

Our market was a complete success.  People turned out in large numbers to support “creating a welcome” and artists and creators of all kinds donated beautiful goods for us to sell. It was held at beautiful Chalice and on a personal note my foxes sold out before I even got them properly set up. One fox was sold twice and another was chewed by my friends dog while I was having a cup of tea but nothing some yarn and a crochet hook couldn’t fix! We have this little movie of the day and we raised over 5 thousand dollars!gentlestitches amigurumi fox

pull together everyone. 


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

22 thoughts on “pulling together”

  1. yes that is me with the multicolored knitted cotton sleeves.
    Can you believe the sleeves are perfect for a hot high UV day?
    We didn’t know if we would be inside or out. 😀


  2. You are supporting us with your encouraging comment Pauline. My eyes welled up when I read it. I am so glad you like my Santa Hat. I see I have a Christmas ecard from you and I thank you as I head off to enjoy it. ❤


  3. well done gentle stitches you are something special your work towards a hamonious and gentle world is truly admirable, as are your foxes


  4. Oh so proud of your group standing up for the right and the good!! I am sure it is just going to grow and grow and keep on growing. It seems to me that the greatest good is in the breaking down of barriers, prejudice and isolation spring to mind – as well as the ability to feed and provide practical support. I so wish I could join you!! The foxes are beautiful 🙂 I have a cute wee Santa hat sitting atop a cute wee Mini-me. I shall stick a photo on the blog soon xoxo


  5. I can totally see why the foxes were flying out the door like the hounds were chasing them! I saw Argyle on Jennifer’s blog just before I read this post, and he is so adorable, as is the cutie who posed for the picture here!!!


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