This is my Australia…please all enjoy our beauty and focus on peace

The people urge the media to act in a responsible manner while we make sense of what happened at Martin Place . We must stand together and not let it tear us apart. We are all affected but for those directly affected all of Australia loves and supports you.


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Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

9 thoughts on “This is my Australia…please all enjoy our beauty and focus on peace”

  1. Great song. Great kangaroos 🙂
    That’s been a shocking and tragic experience you’ve been through, I don’t know how close you are (physically) to what happened, but I thought of you and all my other Aussie contacts while it was playing out. What a world.


  2. I agree Deb. One doesn’t have to be Einstein to see he was a risk to the public. Giving himself a title was a bit of a giveaway. His Majesty Sh*#T For Brains.


  3. a very pertinent thought on media’s role at such times… a fact very often ignored. Very sad what happened in your backyard and in another corner of the world where innocent children became prey to imbecile killing machines 😦 Where is humanity headed to 😦


  4. Well said what a sad time and one which needs reflection, the fact that this man was out on bail after a charge of having murdered his wife makes me very angry with our legal system. A very hard sad time.


  5. Aww you are too kind my sweet friend..and I must say I LOVE santas hat decoration and the lovely card 🙂 you are a sweetheart thankyou so much Loves Bev xxxxx < 3


  6. Well said Sharon..and I feel that by blogging positivity and sharing beauty we are hopefully using media in a positive manner.Loves Bev xx


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