A Nativity set by “youngatfifty”

My friend made this beautiful nativity set. Her webpage is youngatfifty.  A new nativity scene with a crocheted stable among other things christmassy. She did this one last year.  These men took a lot of time to finish …so many hands, capes, hats, heads, beards, eyes, to crochet and assemble…phew ! My favourite are the three kings. So which do you like ? 2013 nativity or this one below ?wp_20141202_013
And some more pics…
wp_20141202_013 wp_20141202_023 wp_20141202_024
This set is available on her etsy shop !  Take a peek!

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

20 thoughts on “A Nativity set by “youngatfifty””

  1. Thank you piggienew! You know Bacon, this lady just picks up a hook and a ball of yarn, looks at an object and recreates it! We each of us have special talents. Sometimes the challenge in life is to find out what they are. Your talent is bringing people together and making them smile. 😀


  2. That is very pretty! I have just given my aged hand made Nativity set to a local charity shop after thirty years of annual service! I am hoping some other family will find it and treasure it anew.


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