See you Saturday!

The Christmas market is on this coming Saturday. I rather thought I would post about it earlier but we have all been busy here with turning the boy’s room into a gymnasium, the study into a yarn room and creating an extra special place for two extra special dogs.creating a welcome at Chalice flyer for Saturday Jack is very pleased with his new space even if he is actually on the bed intended for Tricky.
Jack the Jack Russell on his new bed.
Tricky however loathes change and refuses to even come look at it. Instead she hides behind the Christmas tree and won’t come away from it. Come on Tricky, it is very comfortable. I plan to do a lot of writing and making things in this new improved space. Β The clutter that comes from renovating puts a crimp in my creativity. Β 
Tricky the poodle behind the Christmas tree.




Does clutter annoy you or do you switch off from it?

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18 thoughts on “See you Saturday!”

  1. Tidy rooms don’t last more than a day for me !! And the day it is tidy I relish every minute of it, but alas, I don’t want to create anything !!! I love tidy rooms but they don’t make me create stuff. On such days I blog or write πŸ˜€ Good luck with your market !!


  2. Clutter! I don’t like it but just as well I can ignore it as I have been living in a constant state of clutter since we moved house last January. I keep trying to concentrate on the big picture, which is where everything is lovely and organised. I hope to get there soon!!!


  3. I like that philosophy and I see we are of like minds. I like tidiness but my study is chaotic at the moment due to upcoming market. As we have renovated, we just keep taking large bag after large bag of “stuff” to the thrift shop. It fascinates me, where does it all come from? πŸ˜€


  4. It does indeed make sense! It would be hard to be tidy when you are creating Lego art. My son and I look forward to your next installment. πŸ™‚


  5. I am very organised πŸ™‚ I know where everything is and I like to live in surroundings that give me pleasure. Therefore no clutter. EXCEPT….. art room!! When creating stuff happens, things are needed, chaos ensues. At the end of every project I have another resort, resift and clear away morning. For a day or two everything looks spick and span. Then we start again…..

    I also love getting rid of stuff I have kept because one day it might be useful or, I paid good money for that I can’t just get rid of it………or, someone gave me that, it’s precious. Over the past year I have slowly but surely advanced through various stages until I have so much spare room in my tiny house my daughter could fill up an empty linen cupboard with the stuff she can’t quite bear to get rid of yet while she goes travelling. My mantra is stuff must be beautiful and useful or bring me great pleasure! Mini-me is safe as houses πŸ™‚

    Have a great market day!! Can’t wait to hear more about two special dogs!! xoxo


  6. I’m a hoarder in training, so the clutter never bothers me!

    On another note, I’ve reserved a spot for you in my latest giveaway, but still be sure to check it out when you get a chance! πŸ™‚


  7. I live in organized clutter, if that makes any sense. I can see where it drives others crazy though πŸ™‚


  8. my granny once said, you can see the beauty even in clutter :o) she never lived in Easy’s crib, but I bet she would change her mind immediately. Have a wonderful time at the christmas market :o)


  9. That’s a great poster, love the logo and design πŸ™‚
    Clutter – I can work around it, and snooze through it if I have to, but when I have forced myself to do a big tidy-up the feeling of being organised definitely leads to new ideas and makings. And that leads directly into…. the next mammoth clutter-up πŸ™‚


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