Meet George!

I received a delicious treat in the mail today from my one and only very special “pignew” Bacon. I have a lot of history with this wee porker. He served as a model for my first published amigurumi pattern and he must have been good luck for me because my patterns on continue to do well.  If you would like to amigurumi your very own Bacon the pet pig (come on admit it you want to) click here for the FREE pattern.  sock monkey gift from Bacon from pig love

So my special surprise was a sock monkey from Georgia USA! I have made and helped make sock monkeys but never had one of my own UNTIL TODAY! Isn’t he lovely? I have named him George and he is placed up high away from children and anipals.  I love him! Thanks Bacon! and all at the Hotel Thompson.

Author: gentlestitches

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23 thoughts on “Meet George!”

  1. Oh I love George the sock monkey! He’s all decked out for the holidays too so he can preside over the festivities at your house……………….FUN!

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam


  2. What a gorgeous Sock monkey gift 🙂 George is wonderful! such a sweetie that porcine fellow 🙂 I got myself a beautiful little sock monkey from the Orpham stand at our local market…I love him and the story of the woman who had made him in a far far away place..a lovely gift …hugs Bev xx


  3. lovely well done gentle stitches your skills and talent are only just shadowed by your grit and determination


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