up in the sky! it’s a ……

gentlestitches Shane in roof gymIt isn’t finished yet but here is the beginning of the one and only gentlestitches gym. Obviously it lacked crochet but fortunately for me, I won a contest at Teddy and Tottie which solved the problem.
christmas bunting hung in the gym
Beautiful Christmas bunting which will not only look Christmassy but will also brighten up the space until it is painted and etcetera…  Christmas bunting can be made with a variety of shapes including these lovely hearts.  Things are about to get insanely busy so before I commence I will begin my fitness regime.
I might even try it without standing on a ladder. (not!) hanging around the gym
Although highly admiring of all the fit people, my fitness program will be a gentle dog walk, a cup of tea and a crochet hook. Do you enjoy a walk? 




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15 thoughts on “up in the sky! it’s a ……”

  1. I prefer walking than gym. Was always anti-talent for any sports. You should give it a try, at the gym. You might even like it after a while! Keep us posted about it!
    Until then enjoy your gentle walks with dog πŸ™‚


  2. Snorts – I love a walk. I walk all of the time for fitness. Hey – don’t laugh. It’s a long walk from my bedroom to the kitchen here at the Hotel Thompson – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  3. That’s a super idea for a gym. I’m a fan of walking too, the longer the merrier… but it seems my mom has to spend some hours in a gym fist before she is strong enough to get me tired :o)


  4. Great exercise room! I love a walk – especially with Sammy in the early morning when it’s still dark outside….we have “Mom/Sam” time while he wanders on his harness/leash. Love all the little crocheted Christmas goodies at the bottom of the blog page – SO CUTE!

    Hugs, Pam and Sammy


  5. Yay for Dani and the Christmas bunting! Yay for the gentle dog walk, the cuppa – though mostly I tend to stick with water – and the crochet hook! Mine is steadily hooking it’s way through a shades of green Bavarian rug at the moment.

    I’m very admiring of your young man up in the rafters hanging the bunting – what a hero!!


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