Free Halloween Crochet Patterns from gentlestitches

gentlestitches Halloween Picnic

Join me today at the Gothic “not for profit” Montsalvat. Have a look around, join me in a picnic and a quiet read. Help yourself to a free amigurumi pattern and enjoy the visual and peaceful treat which is Monsalvat before you go. Take some deep breaths under the gum trees and enjoy the art and hand crafted items on display. Take 5 minutes of delicious “you time” ❤
amigurumi crochet spiders and candy skull
First up our the famous Australian red backed spiders.
crochet melbourne fruit bat
Beware of flying Bats (not this one though, it is friendly and cuddly) 😀
crochet zombie bunnies on spiral staircase














Grab yourself a free zombie bunny pattern before they grab you.
crochet large and small sugar skull masks
Just in time for día de los muertos, a large or small sugar skull from Jennifer at squirrel picnic. Pattern here.

shane playing music for us to leave by

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy the music as Shane pipes you out.

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22 thoughts on “Free Halloween Crochet Patterns from gentlestitches”

  1. Had a lovely picnic with the spiders and bunny zombies accompanied by some brilliant music in the background !! That was very clever of you to have dressed up the sugar skulls of squirrel picnic 🙂


  2. Thanks and they are fun to look at too. Can you believe it? This month I am involved in teaching people how to knit BUNNIES!!! I will post about it but more importantly, I will put the most Speedy looking one aside and send to you. They are different to what I usually do but I think you will like. They are about 2 inches high 😀


  3. Hi Sharon! Love the zombies, bats, and spiders. Spooky! Your skulls look awesome. I love all the crochet and beading details you added. The flowers are especially cool. I am so excited that you are sharing Dia de los Muertos with your friends in Australia. I’ve reblogged this post at the picnic to show everyone your handiwork. Great job. Big hugs to you!


  4. Reblogged this on Squirrel Picnic and commented:
    Thanks to everyone who is using my sugar candy skull patterns to celebrate Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. I’m thrilled to show you that Sharon from used my patterns to help her bring Day of the Dead to Australia! Thank you, Sharon, for spreading the word about this celebration with your friends down under. If you want to share photos of your skulls, send them to I’d love to see them!


  5. Hi Sharon! Just briefly stopping by to wish you the happiest of Halloweens this season. I’m taking a short blogging break to finish up some new metal projects but expect to be back in a few weeks. Just didn’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about your awesome-ness! That Dia de Los Muertos facemask and the flying bat looks amazing! Love all the stuff you present to us. 🙂


  6. Oh I SOOOOO loved that music and the little Halloween cuties too – what clever little creatures and items all of you have designed. Precious!

    Hugs, Pam


  7. Sharon, that was lovely! I went on a small tour of Montsalvat [what a great venue!] and enjoyed seeing your critters in such an appropriate setting. The music set the scene brilliantly and I could almost imagine it was Shane playing 🙂


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