Wild on Wednesday brought forward to Monday..

Spring in Victoria Australia. Come and look at my friend and neighbor fozziemum’s place! 


Hi guys..i was unable to do a Wild on Wednesday last week..so busy getting things done outside..this week with some ups and downs with Pickles I am doing an early Wild feature…I think we have had so many sad animal stories the last week or so that an early smile and maybe even a squee is called for…
Now I am thrilled with these pictures..they were hard to get..but I was honoured that Mum felt safe enough around me to allow her little babe out of the pouch..this small group has been very close to the house and the day I took them I was actually taking bird pics..when I turned to follow a bird’s flight path I saw below the embankment this family..

Mum was having a snooze…

Mum was fast asleep Mum was fast asleep

Until she spotted me..

A sweet spot to rest up with the family A sweet spot to rest up with the family

Of course you may…

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