Creating a Welcome Market.

craftivists support asylum seekers.
 It was a brilliant day for our market on the 16th August 2014. We raised four thousand dollars and every cent went to asrc. For more details visit Creating a Welcome face book page. 
High Street Market
 A rather serious looking Aunt Sharon discusses sheep and Alpaca yarn with a customer. Both these yarns were kindly donated as were all the goods available.Northcote High Street
 A highlight of the day was an appearance by Melbourne’s own Charm of Finches who performed with a buskers hat and all proceeds were donated to the cause. Thank you.
Northcote market wares.
Melbourne and surrounding textile artists, and other kind people donated the most wonderful  assortment of products for us to sell. This is just a very small sample.
lovely Northcote babies

The knitted and crocheted hats were very popular as shown by our very lovely babies. Yes, four thousand dollars was raised which is a lot of welcoming Owls and ants.  Stay tuned for our upcoming events and nurture hope in your heart that peace and sanity can be achieved for all.  ❤


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26 thoughts on “Creating a Welcome Market.”

  1. Thank you Patricia. It was a great day and we were so pleased with the support we received. A friend has opened a gallery not far from the blue stone church we had our market at but more about the gallery later….. 😀


  2. Sharon, I am so pleased to see how successful your event was and wow, amazing at how much you $$ raised! By the way, I LOVE your serious picture, discussing sheep and alpaca yarn! Phenomenal!! Such a treat to see your latest posts 🙂


  3. Yes, the AC was replaced (I was reimbursed via insurance for 75% of the cost), and the newer unit is so much more energy efficient! My last two electric bills have been rock bottom for the middle of summer!


  4. Woohoo! A fair dinkum success! 😀

    And could you please send some of that cooler weather my way, where it’s supposed to hit 100 degrees today!


  5. What a really wonderful event! So many “crafty” donations – lovely knitted goodies and many smiles…..congratulations on raising a significant amount of money too……no small feat these days.

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


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