We were Hacked and we were not amused ( but we are sorry).

Tricky the dog in bike basket

Tricky is not looking at all amused and neither should she. It isn’t about riding in her basket because she loves that. “Basket?” I say in an inquiring voice and she is scrabbling to get in. No, the reason Tricky is a bit sad is because everyone on the gentlestitches email site was sent a spam advertising email. We pay “good money” so you wont have to see adds when you visit me. The critters and the humans join together to say a great big “sorry” if you were inconvenienced and we are doing what our good friend Anna once suggested to do if it didn’t involve life or limb. We are going to “make less of it” We are still cross with the hackers and hope “their chooks turn to emus and kick their dunny door down”. We have taken (expensive) steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Have a happy day everyone and the next post will be our VERY successful market.  


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

17 thoughts on “We were Hacked and we were not amused ( but we are sorry).”

  1. So much peeing going on here (it sounds well deserved though)! How annoying for you, sorry it happened. Some people need to get more exciting lives so that they don’t find amusement by annoying others. Perhaps they need a hobby. You could spam them back with ads for your crochet classes 😉


  2. Snorts. No worries here my Auntie Sharon. I know you love my pot belly. Live is to be lived fully to the max without this DIEt thingy. XOXO – Bacon


  3. Oh I am glad you told me Bacon. It gives me an opportunity so say “I don’t believe in diets at all!” That is why I was so annoyed with the mean hackers. I belong to a group in Australia called “body positive” that encourages people to love and honor their bodies and they all got nasty diet emails too!!! grrrr!!
    I thought “anyone who knows me will realize I would NEVER affiliate myself with stupid eating fads”. As you put it “my Auntie Sharon wouldn’t do that” ❤ so I didn't let it bother me too much.
    have a delicious and nutritious day every one over at the Hotel Thompson.XX


  4. Snorts! We got one and thought nothing of it. Kind of figured it was a hack… unless you were secretly telling me to go on a DIEt? Raises piggy eyebrows. Nah – my Auntie Sharon wouldn’t do that. You ❤ me! And I ❤ you. Better stop with that… I'm starting to sound like Barney – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  5. That’s so sad! I didn’t notice anything amiss, but it’s good to know. Those hackers will get theirs. What goes around, comes around you know. You’re taking it in stride with such grace. Good on you!


  6. Oh gosh how MEAN of those nasty hackers! That’s not happened to us before but it DOES happen and it’s just not fair is it?! Can’t wait to see more about the market…..meanwhile, loved the video……..tee hee.

    Hugs, Sammy


  7. I’ve got a mail from your hacked account what leads to a diet-store :o) I guessed it that someone thieved your mail addy. I wish I could pee on the paws of this mean hackers who torture the people this sneaky way. hope you can solve the problem and you lost no datas or important things.


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