where is my button?

gentlestitches.com crochet jumper and Melbourne Aztec Exhibition.
This post marks both an ending and a beginning.  The ending is because the above wooly jumper was featured in my very first post which I called beginnings.  I wanted to make sure it was completed for this post but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the button I had for it. No problem! I shall use a heart instead. It is very cold here in Melbourne and this jumper will be perfect to wear to the Aztec Exhibition on at the Melbourne Museum.
The new look gentlestitches.com blog has lost a few buttons as well. Comments and likes have gone but that is because I hope to drive viewers over to my Ravelry.com shop. I thank everyone who has checked in on my blog and I promise there will be some interesting things coming up on it for your viewing pleasure. There is a market coming up  and I am working on an exhibition which I will also share with you.
Meanwhile if you any near South Morang on the 8th and 9th of August 2014 make sure you have a look at the State Creative Arts exhibition.2014 Creative Arts Exhibition
 Handmade is undergoing a super renaissance here in Melbourne and opening up many opportunities.  I am delighted with the amount of young people taking up the ancient arts because these skills are not just fun to have, they are also very empowering.
Stay tuned because the best is yet to come. 🙂

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