New friends.

Bashful is somewhere between here and Bacon’s house at the moment but they are in for a surprise! Bashful met a friend in Kyoto called Koishi and she decided she would like to visit.  Bashful the pet rock with his new friend Koishi.

I have a new friend too called Eddie. He comes from Katherine from Pillows A La mode. I love Katherine. She is an education writer which means her books help people learn to read or help develop their reading skills.    The first book I ever held was in this format and I send out gratitude to these wonderful people all over the world.
Education isn’t just power, it is self-esteem,connection and hope. Katherine is also a wonderfully, inspirational upcycler, recycler.  One of her pet projects is her “what can you make with a ?” series. Kathleen has inspired me to try it too, both here and here. So without further ado I present Eddie the Bear who until quite recently looked like a very nice but rather worn sweater. Katherine took the sweater and some scissors and cotton and voilà! Eddie.gentlestitches and Eddie the Bear made by Pillows A La Mode
My friend who took the photo seems to have gotten more of her lovely garden than Eddie and I but I think it makes a lovely back drop.Sharon'sSweater
This was my jumper before it become the very loved Eddie!!! Thanks katherine.

Author: gentlestitches

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35 thoughts on “New friends.”

  1. I am happy Bashful made new friend when he was on his trip to Japan 🙂
    Koishi is very lovely girl and to me seems, something is going on with two of them.
    Eddie the bear is beautiful! Really like the idea of recycled clothes in such way. From the photo can see how much you like and enjoy your new pall.
    Thank you Sharon


  2. Koishi and Bashful look so happy together, all that eyeball rolling !!!!! And I love Eddie, he is so bright and colourful, and always so much more valuable when made by a person special to us.
    Oops, ghastly grammar there, you know what I mean!!! 🙂


  3. What better company can Bashful wish for than cute Koishi !! So clever of you to think of that pillow skirt, hair and the fan. And Eddie is such a cuddly beauty. Katherine is so wonderful and I love her simple upcycling projects. I need to have a peek at her ‘What can you make with a….’ series.


  4. Reblogged this on Pig Love and commented:
    OMP (oh my pig!) Bashful is on the way home BUT check out his friend he is bringing with him – Koishi – she is a looker! XOXO – Bacon


  5. Katherine is so clever and Eddie is just lovely. I hope Bashful doesn’t cause too much trouble back in Georgia, I think he might have packed some Sake with him!!


  6. I hope Koishi will like the other Rolling Stones( the girls!) at the Hotel thompson and they will have a rocking party! I love Eddie the Bear, that’s an art piece and it was such a great idea to make him from a jumper.


  7. I do a lot of recycling/repurposing in my art/craft projects. Partly for financial reasons, but mostly because it’s more challenging than going out and buying everything needed for a project. Love Katherine’s “What can you make with a…? series and love your projects.


  8. Oh how lovely that Bashful is bringing home a friend from his trip! She’s a beautiful rock to be sure – Bashful is lucky. As for Eddie the Bear – what a WONDERFUL re-use of an old sweater – he looks absolutely adorable and cuddly – just what a bear should be! He looks happy to be held by you……and vice versa!

    Hugs, Sammy and his Mom


  9. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Sharon! I’m so happy that you love your bear . . . and that Eddie had a safe trip from Kansas USA to Australia! 🙂 It was really fun creating him from your well-loved sweater. Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Katherine


  10. Oh goodness what a hottie Bashfuls new lass is 😉 this will cause a rukus I am sure 😉 and goodness me I love that bear!! I am always looking at’s a great way to be friendly to not only the environment but yourself..let’s you get your crafternoon on 🙂 must pop over and check out Katherine…the furries just finished their bloggie post and mentioned you when you came up in our reader..kismet! hugs Bev xx


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