Easter Greetings and a Surprise!

Crochet Easter Bunny AmigurumiBB
  Happy Easter season everyone. This Aussie Easter bunny was designed by the fabulous Vanja from AmigurrumiBB and the page with the link for pattern is here.     This guy is named Duncan and he is an aussie cousin to Vanja’s bunny family tree. If you want to make one or a whole warren click here.Bashful the pet rock up a gum tree

 Bashful is having fun enjoying the Australian Bush but he has a big surprise for you! Check back tomorrow to find out what it is!



Author: gentlestitches

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28 thoughts on “Easter Greetings and a Surprise!”

  1. Duncan is stunning in his cute overalls !! I love everything about him ..his eyes, ears, the strap on his overalls, and the fine stitch lines on his denim 😀 And what is bashfull doing on top of the eucalyptus (am I right ?) tree ? contemplating the next surprise ? Waiting for tomorrow’s big event 🙂


  2. I’m really beginning to enjoy the adventures of Bashful. Who knew!! That bunny is so sweet – I am in danger of starting a collection and my latest resolution is to NOT accumulate more stuff!


  3. Dear Sharon, first of all thank you for making Ausie cousin to my bunny family. I am so honored you have given it a try and even posted about it. Duncan is beautiful. Love his overalls, his eyes…love everything about him. Thank you so much!


  4. Isn’t that great? The Easter Bunny in blue jeans, woohoo!When I wake up in the mornin’ light
    I pull on my jeans and I feel all right :o) Maybe Bashful wears jeans tomorrow too? Bet they are made by ROCK&Republic lol


  5. Reblogged this on Pig Love and commented:
    Just what in the world could the “Big Surprise” be that’s going to be published tomorrow? hhhmm – what has Bashful climbing in the Australian bush? So many questions – Stay tuned friends. XOXO – Bacon


  6. Oh how adorable is the bunny Duncan! makes my granny squares look a tad lame bwaahahah…all ten squillion of them…and Bashful looks fab amongst the gum trees…I shall return 😉 hugs Bev xx.


  7. I’m really enjoying the adventures of Bashful; I wonder if he has any cousins out there travelling around . . .

    That bunny pattern is so cute, too. I don’t have time this year, but will keep them in mind for next Easter. Thanks for this, Sharon; her work is wonderful. ~ Linne


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