Howling Mad Cat’s tribute Anipal Mini Me.

an anipal mini me for a special boy and a birthday for some special kittehs. 😀

The Mad Hooligan Cats

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In case you haven’t met the late HMC, here he is:


My husband called me today and told me I had a package from Australia. I knew immediately it was from my friend, gentlestitches! I couldn’t wait to get home! Here are some pictures of her handiwork – an anipal mini me of HMC:


HMC aussiegurumi

Kobi sniffing HMC’s anipal:

Ko and HMC's anipal

I am so thrilled! Thank you, gentlestitches!

The cats’ one-year birthday was yesterday, too! I apologize for the quality of this video, but here is Bo playing with one of the kittens’ mousies:

I guess I should have said that Boba was more interested in the camera strap! I took a video of Kobi as well, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as well. I’ll keep trying!

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19 thoughts on “Howling Mad Cat’s tribute Anipal Mini Me.”

  1. congratulations and thankyou again for easing the grief of a lovely young widow who also lost her lovely harry, your portrait poodle was an amazing achievement love deb


  2. Congratulation my sweets 🙂 I have been behind and just wanted to say well done and love HMC’s mini me 🙂 what a lovely gift…you are one clever lady 🙂 hugs and love from all of us 🙂 Bev xx


  3. Thank you Jennifer, I am going on holidays soon and hope to leisurely work on some aussie animals who are aiming to visit Hodge and Podge. 🙂


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