a little help from my friend Bashful.

Pet Rock Bashful helping with sewing.
Some of you might find it hard to believe but I have had a pet rock from Georgia, America helping me these last few days! I have had a lot of work on for Creating a Welcome and my anipal mini me page. This little rock has had many adventures all over the world and you can read about them here. He belongs to a little piggie called Bacon. 

Bashful In his traveling box.
Bashful arrived a few days after his birthday in a box filled with human and anipal treats. Bashful didn’t mind having his birthday in transit with aussiepost and has made up for it by having many treats and games here.

Jack, Tricky and Bashful enjoy a game of "squirrel"
It isn’t all work here at gentlestitches, here Jack, Tricky and Bashful play tug o war with the new squirrel toy Bashful gave them.  Jack and Bashful take the squirrel and play keeping’s off from Tricky but tricky has a plan…….

Jack and Bashful play keeping off from Tricky

it has been a long day and this has been a long post but the fun with Bashful has really just began. He is going to a sleepover party with a group of teenagers tomorrow night. I can only hope they behave themselves. Bashful is tired now and I have owls to sew so shhhhh!!!! Good night Bashful.  Tomorrow we will start having a look around this amazing place called Westgarth, Northcote, Melbourne, Australia!!! The fun is just beginning.

Jack and bashful go to sleep

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45 thoughts on “a little help from my friend Bashful.”

  1. Bashful must be exhausted, what a time he’s had at your place! Lucky he has such a lovely rainbow crocheted blanket to snuggle in.


  2. A Bashful rolling stone on a voyage !! So very interesting. But poor squirrely ES might sue you for squirrel rights violation 😉 My all time favourite is your Jack specially his eyes 🙂


  3. Yow Bashfull ya went back to Australia!!!?? Pawsum!!
    Doze poochiez look lubly n we hopez ya n Jack n Tricky n GS lady haz a purrfect bizit!!!
    We are glad ya got dere safe too…
    Yer kitteh furend Nylalbue oh n Mum Sherri-Ellen too ❤


  4. He is actually coming on holidays with us! Coincidentally it is school holidays here soon.
    We don’t usually have squirrels here so Jack was very excited. Everyone is yelling “squirrel” for some reason. 😀


  5. Such fun! Love that wee rock . . . and it’s so nice you have a helper, isn’t it? The rainbow pillow is a great idea. I may have to borrow it for a young friend who recently lost her cat. ~ Linne


  6. Aww! Hello! Bashful brought us to your blog, he looks like he is having so much fun.
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


  7. Thank you so much. That is a rainbow bridge cushion in honor of a special pussy cat who lived a long and healthy life until he was 21 human years old!


  8. How exciting woo hoo I am so glad Bashful is with you 🙂 and what great pics !! he is going to have a ball and I imagine he will keep you all entertained!! YAY…he must really love down under bwahahaah 🙂 hugs Bev xxx

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