amigurumi crochet tiny owls

a parliament of amigurumi crochet owls
A parliament of welcome owls getting ready to head off to THIS FETE on April the 5th.  All proceeds go to the Aussie Asylum seekers resource center.  small amigurumi crochet owls.Check out the new Creating a Welcome page and download the pdf pattern to make your very own welcome owl here or at my store at ravery.
These owls were inspired by knitted owl puffs by Jenna Krupa and her pattern can also be found on ravelry.
wooden bead ants in a basketThese welcome ants, made by my son will also be available at the fete and although Australia is a great country, we do seem to have more than our share of ants. These ones are friendly though and don’t bite.

Author: gentlestitches

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49 thoughts on “amigurumi crochet tiny owls”

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  2. You are so right Sharon!! I never thought of that!
    Plus I did not really see your crocheted ants. They are adorable & much more welsomce then the ants for real, lol….
    How did the Fete go?
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too


  3. I am in love with these adorable little owls. They are going to be the hit of the party, for sure!! Your son’s welcome ants are the perfect companions, as they are wonderfully, whimsically adorable, too! Great job to both of you creative folks!!


  4. Q – Love the owls! My favorite bird. I actually was lucky enough to see a Pueo, the Hawaiian Owl, at dusk the other evening while walking by the beach.

    The ants are adorable! Southern California is built on ant hills. We had 5 different types in my parent’s yard while growing up.


    1. Thank you so much. I will show my son this. He will have a big smile!
      5 different types of ants! I grew up with ants too and I quite like them except when they bite. Ouch!


  5. The button eyes add so much personality to every owl! The little ants are adorable (and I am not fond of ants at all!) They are so cute and colorful and they will certainly add to the fundraising event.


    1. Thank you. I got a comment that someone was going to use the ant pattern to put on an invitation for their Grandmother’s big garden birthday party. That way the guests get a small gift to keep as a memento. 🙂


  6. Owls are great and owls for a good cause are the best! I like the ants too, they would be perfect for my granny’s pawty in summer. are they made just with wooden beads and pipe cleaners?


    1. Yes! That is exactly how they are made. My son uses either thick or thin pipe cleaners and 3 wooden beads. one small for head and two the same size but a bit bigger for the body. They make fun decorations and small gifts. No good for dogs though Easy, except to look at. 🙂


  7. Just beautiful Sharon 🙂 and such a lovely way to raise some funds for charity 🙂 ..I have been laughin at myself trying to do a granny square …think I have been too those things we have that bite as you mention hahaha 🙂 hugs to you Bev xx


    1. Oh Bev! Even I would have trouble crocheting under the circumstances. I will hug my critters even more after what happened. Glad Forrest is OK. He must be tired though.


      1. Thanks Sharon 🙂 he really is no different…he is just the same old Fozzie b bear..i am glad he is such a healthy boy to start with…oh dear the worries of having pets…:) xx


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