Happy Mail.

finger crochet and mail from pjsassafras, Booze,Sugar and Spice.

I got happy mail yesterday and I put a finger crochet piece on top to keep the tone  crafty. The package was sent to me from pjsassafras at Booze,Sugar and Spice.  I have been keenly developing my inner cupcake cook since meeting PJ and the cupcake recipe I would like to try next is here.   They are called “Fauxtess cupcakes with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur”.  I really didn’t need to add the finger crochet because what could be more creative than cooking? I get a lot of inspiration from greendoorhospitality too so don’t forget to check the link and say hi to Dewars, the Scottish terrier pup!
delicious goodies from pjsassafras, Booze,Sugar and Spice.
Here are just a few of the goodies contained in my happy mail box. Almonds of many different varieties not found here in Australia, delicious chocolate, almond butter paste and a type of jam (or jelly as it is called in USA) made with strawberries and rhubarb.  Best of all was a tin of tea called chocolate chai. I am a tea drinker. I love chocolate and I love chi. I can’t wait to try the tea! These goodies came from Chico, California.   The Card is from a series by Kathy Leslie Harden called “I wish I was here” I do! Thank you so much PJ, for your ongoing inspiration and the collection of the most amazing and delicious goodies ever!tea time
 I am going to have a cup of tea, some chocolate and admire the picture of Bidwell Park!  I close with some cupcakes I made. Just right for St Patrick’s day!

St Patrick's day Cupcakes.

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25 thoughts on “Happy Mail.”

  1. Any chance of a photo of each of the three? please? . . . I’ve been thinking about doing a bit of embroidery again, just for fun (since I have NOTHING AT ALL to do otherwise lol) and I have quite a few trays in various stages of readiness to use (some I was beginning to folk paint on before I moved up here to Mum’s; now there’s not really anywhere to paint); others are ready to go. But traycloths would be lovely. No pressure, though (at least, not MUCH!) I know how it is . . .


  2. Happy mail looks so wonderful. Like everything about your post. Those tiny crocheted cupcakes and beautiful pink, floral tea set. Cupcakes you made…. everything is so beautiful!
    I wish I was there to share your joy, but even like this it feels pretty awesome 😀


  3. Thanks PJ. I come from a long line of tea drinkers. That set is called “rose of sharon” and belonged to the grandmother who taught me to crochet, knit and hand sew.
    The cupcakes are iced with Bake It Pretty icing set you recommended. 🙂


  4. I never heard of “adult” cupcakes before I discovered this blog. Now I ask you, what problem wouldn’t a homemade mini cupcake with a chocolate liqueur center not solve?
    Only for adult humans Easy. You can have a green one though! 🙂


  5. head straight up and tail commenced to wagging… licking piggy lips. You’re speaking my language now Auntie Sharon 🙂 XOXO – Bacon


  6. Thank you Linne. The cup and saucer belonged to my Grandmother and is called “Rose of Sharon”. The tray cloths were given to me by my son when he was about 4 and they were bought at a fete for him to give to me by a neighbour. How is that for complicated.?
    There are 3 cloths and they are handmade with embroidery and crochet edging. 🙂
    I have one beside my bed and I love them very much.


  7. What a wonderful package 🙂 craft and cooking..heaven right there!! I must pop over and have a peeky at the sites you mentioned 🙂 and your cupcakes look delish!! I must say too I bit the bullet and made time to try and rekindle my crochet…taught myself a millennia ago and had forgotten..grabbed a little book and in an hour was like being back on a bike!! you have inspired me! So now on to the basics….did it with knitting and cooking and sewing so I hope to have some fun! then mastering my spinning wheel and maybe back to the potters wheel..then the universe 😉 hugs Bev xx


  8. Isn’t Happy Mail the BEST? I think yours is wonderful, and I’m in love with your wee tray setting; the cup and saucer (I have a few of my own), but even more the embroidered tray cloth. Did you make that? It’s simply lovely! Thanks for sharing with us. I’d love to see a post featuring that cloth, with a close-up of the work . . . ~ Linne


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