Welcoming Owls.

amigurumi crochet owls.
A basket of Welcoming Owls all ready for creating a welcome page. An endeavor aimed at welcoming and raising money for the asrc. These owls and many other wonderful items will be available at the following 2 locations.

 The first  event will be a stall Northern Regards Market on April 5th, 11am-4pm, Northcote Social Club, 301 High St Northcote, Melbourne.

The second event will be a crafty mini market on May 3rd, 10am-3pm, at Northcote Uniting Church – Chalice, 251 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.

 Drop in again next week for the pattern and make your self a lovely owl, gentlestitches style. It will be available here and on ravelry.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

54 thoughts on “Welcoming Owls.”

  1. GS once Spring ACTUALLY arrives I am sure we will both feel better emotionally!
    Nylablue’s paw is all right now. She is stable from the Bowel Disease/Pancreatitis too.
    My Hyperostosis flared-up but it is not as bad today. Injections Thursday so not worried too much.
    I hope Spring comes soon for ALL of us 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.


  2. I’m a sucker for owls these days, not only because they are “so hot right now,” but because we have a family of owls who perch in our trees…they’re our neighbors! (And have the most unique cries late at night.) Also, what a worthy cause! Best of luck selling them. (Though I don’t think you’ll need any luck at all…they’re just that good.) Brava!


  3. These are such darlings 🙂 I am sure they will sell like hot cakes and your money box will be full in no time ! I love the flowery button eyes 🙂


  4. I’m truly obsessed with them. I have a collection of stuffed snowy owls and then other items, like an owl jewelry box and some other neat items, like salt & pepper shakers that were a housewarming gift. I wear an owl necklace every single day.


  5. You come up with the cutest things! These owls are great and I hope they raise you lots of money for ASRC! You and I must be on the same page. The newest member of Squirrel Picnic will be an owl! I may have to consult with you to get my owliness correct. 🙂


  6. Dear Sharon, I am always fascinated to see how adorable creations you can make with just few rows and little yarn. These owls are so cute! I do hope your fund raising will be successful. I would buy a whole bunch of these adorable owls if I was closer! 😀
    Looking forward to your pattern.
    (love those flowery eyes so much 🙂 )!


  7. Oh Sharon they are stunningly beautiful 🙂 I do hope they sell well and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t so sweet and colourful 🙂 hugs to you Fozziemum xx


  8. Sharon, these owls are magnificent! And as the added benefit of being created in the name of a much-needed awareness of the asrc. I’m sure these adorable lovelies will sell out!! Also, I just love how you’ve captured these little owls in such a great photo! 🙂 Your craftivism work is superb.


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