mine is the cup that is always half full!

I have always been a “cup half full” kind of girl.  My son made me smile recently by telling me the cup is actually full because the top half is full of air!hand made cards with aussiegurumiThis very full cup, cards and photo of Orlando the Maine Coon cat were sent to me by my good blogging friend Pauline. Her blog is The Contented Crafter and when I saw the cup card post, I was very cheeky and said “I love and want one!” Then I offered a crocheted cupcake or critter as a swap. Pauline admitted she would prefer a critter of my choice which is my speciality  and was a lot of fun for me to make. My critter for her is a surprise but I have stood a few around the card as examples. When she receives it, I will post a picture of it.  I hope she loves it as much as I love my cards.

Author: gentlestitches

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40 thoughts on “mine is the cup that is always half full!”

  1. Hi Sharon, I came by way of the contented crafter and wanted to tell you how cute your gift was. I think mini Orlando is so sweet. I’ll just float around here a bit then, ta ta


  2. I’ve always been a “half full” kinda gal. And you’re smart not to waste your precious time on Facebook. I lost 7 years of my life on that site which I’ll never get back….LOL


  3. That is such a cute thing to say. I’m not sure what age your son is so ‘cute’ might not be the word he’d like if he’s getting older but darn it, it really is a cute thing to say. I am going to remember that, it’s comforting and optimistic.


  4. Beautiful! I had never seen your crocodile before. His yarn is wonderful and it matches your cup card perfectly. The cup is always full. Your son is so wise. I love it!


  5. You have a very smart son Sharon! He is so right! Thinking how many thesis have been made if the cup is half empty or half full is making me laugh right now 🙂
    Cards your friend send you are beautiful.


  6. Aww – so excited! The koala is so cute, but that crocodile is amazing! The amount of work in it …… you are very talented! I’m so happy you like your cards and thank you so much for the links – it’s always so nice to have the opportunity to make new friends 🙂


  7. Gorgeous kitty! Beautiful cards. And yes, I can say without a doubt she will love your creation. Pictures do not do them justice.


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