The flora and fauna of Australia

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The Snail of Happiness

My postman must be wondering what is going on. Why do I keep receiving parcels from Australia? Have I started importing opals or baby koala bears? We haven’t enlightened him yet, but I think he would be just as bewildered to discover that the packages contain crochet squares as if I told him either of the other things. Crochet is certainly not recorded as a major commodity exported from Australia, although wool is, so perhaps I could tell the postman that!

Anyway, this morning two Australian packages arrived. Having just discovered that the car had a flat tyre as Mr Snail-of-happiness was about to set off on a long journey, the delivery did rather cheer the morning up. Interestingly, the contents were somewhat complementary: one to do with the flora and one to do with the fauna of Australia.

The first package I opened contained a square from Katrina over…

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