A snail’s tale of a Welsh Masterpiece.

a crochet square embracing the domestic cat and our vulnerable environment

This little square (15cm by 15cm) is about to become part of something BIG! It is being shipped to Aberaeron, Wales. Mrs Snail of Happiness is making a masterpiece to mark the completion of her advanced studies in permaculture.  My contribution involves tackling the big issue of domestic animals and the way we can ensure they co exist with indigenous flora and fauna. I have talked about this issue here and I love domestic animals and I love our wildlife . Yes it is a big issue but by being creative, intelligent and loving, we can work it out. It will never be perfect but as long as we follow the snails example of keeping slowly moving forward, I believe we will continue to turn towards a sustainable future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I have also enclosed a handmade card depicting a ship setting off under the furious Australian sun (it is 110 degrees Fahrenheit at the moment) and some other surprises. Good luck with your studies Jan!

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

38 thoughts on “A snail’s tale of a Welsh Masterpiece.”

  1. I swear you’re going to get me crocheting. I will stab my eye out, but then I can always crochet myself a fab kitty eye patch. 😉


  2. Thank you. I am finding Jan’s project so much fun and I am learning so much too about my favourite subject, sustainable living. I am so glad I stumbled apon her blog and now yours. I do love your expression in crochet of our poem. I made a good friend an IPAD cover inspired by Uluru which I will post at some time because I would love to share it with you.:-)


  3. Good luck and best wishes with your property issues. Are you able to take a little “project bag” around with you during this difficult time? I find working on a project when I have to wait makes me feel like I am not wasting time. I am that lady you see crocheting while hanging from a strap in the tram (public transport.) LOL! Thank you for visiting me. 🙂


  4. Thanks for your visit! I’m so enjoying seeing what an outpouring of enthusiasm and creativity Jan’s Masterpiece is producing. Love your snail – and I bet she will too.


  5. wow ! that is splendid ! love your cute fabric snail the best 🙂 yeah, I really love the concept of moving forward slowly and steadily …we have so much to learn from even the snails lol 🙂
    I have promised one too for her, but haven’t started on it yet. Have been preoccupied like crazy with a property issue. Will be very busy until first week of feb. What a shame, could log in only today after nearly a week 😦


  6. Your handcraft is lovely and so imaginative! Love the idea of moving forward – slowly, but surely. It’s in the right direction!


  7. It was crocheted all in one using the “abstract cat pattern”. I am fairly certain we will see it completed. I will post immediately when it is. Thank you so much for commenting. 🙂


  8. I cannot figure out if it is crocheted all in one or if you added the little figures in later – which ever way you did it, it is so lovely. The little bows lift it beautifully too, a perfect finishing touch. That snail is pretty cool! Will we see the finished product?


  9. What a gorgeous square!! and I hope we all get to see the finished piece and yes our sunburnt country is hot hot hot today 😦 hugs Fozziemum xx


  10. It’s a beautiful square. I love how you incorporated different colors of nature, and the little butterflies are wonderful. (I quite like that snail, too. Adorable!!)


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