Merry Christmas 2013.

a laundry basket decorated for Christmas Today I offer a tip which if followed may just free your Christmas preparations up long enough to give you that much needed extra time. 

Park your laundry basket full of laundry which can just wait until boxing day. Run around your home and gather everything that is in the wrong place and pop it on top of your previously mentioned laundry basket. Place a brightly colored material over the whole catastrophe. Add some Christmas decorations and top with something delicious. Grab a beverage of your choice, take a deep breath and go hug a critter, kid, person or just yourself.repeat after me (very loudly)” FAIR DINKUM, I AM AWESOME! two of the dogs that live at gentlestitches.

Merry Christmas from us here to you there! X X X X X 🙂

Author: gentlestitches

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35 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2013.”

  1. Auntie Sharon – that is an *awesome* idea. I will certainly pass this on to mom for future endeavors as well 🙂 XOXO – Bacon


  2. Thank you Timethief. I am so glad I met you too and got all that help to get my little shop and webpage together from your wonderful and generous website “one cool site” Here’s to a fabulous 2014. Iced tea, “clink!” ((((( hugs)))))


  3. I like your creations so much and I’m happy I met you online in 2013. A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours. Best wishes for a fabulous 2014 as well. {HUG}


  4. I love the idea of hugging someOne/Thing! On any day of the year. Hugs to you, Shaz.


  5. I AM AWESOME !!!!! (sure you can hear me ) SO ARE YOU 🙂
    I do something similar when someone is expected …grab a huge shopping bag and dump everything that is unsightly in it…the best joke is, that bag will remain in the same hidden place for weeks and even months 😉


  6. Great advice… I’m sure that it could apply to all sorts of other family get-togethers too… just substitute Easter Eggs, Pumpkins, Party poppers as appropriate.
    Now, where’s that terrier to cuddle?


  7. my terrier years ago would bark and carry on a full half hour before guests would arrive saved me any number of times, could stuff everything into the linen press


  8. Best idea ever. For any time of year. Have a great Christmas over there (hope you’re not quite as hot as we are right now, shew) and a GOOD REST. Ignore all laundry. xxx


  9. What a great idea..damn I already ran around cleaning…but am ready to snuggle a pet and have a drink….:) ..Hope you and your gorgeous babies and two legged family have a great day tomorrow..and lets start betting on when the Hot Cross buns go on sale…hahahhaa hugs and love Fozziemum xx


  10. Q – Hum, you must have glanced in my laundry room after I’d been running around madly cleaning up before a friend arrived who called 30 minutes before showing up!


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