pattern of the season.

crochet amigurumi crochet mice with beginning of knitted hat.

Every now and then a very special  amigurumi pattern comes along! I give you Jenette from Green Dragonfly’s, SQUEAKERS! Tiny Crochet Mouse Tutorial! As an amigurumi designer  myself, I can appreciate the excellent qualities of this pattern.  I could not resist immediately whipping up a few of these mice designed by Jenette. The pattern is fabulous and guess what? Hardly any sewing!  I have a few children I will be making them for and they also make great Christmas decorations. tiny crochet mice in Christmas hat.The pattern for the mouse hat can be found here, and is also from Green Dragonfly but I used a modified version of Anna Branford’s “How to knit a tiny gnome hat.”  I will post the little Christmas hat pattern eventually, but meanwhile enjoy the mousies.crochet amigurumi crochet mice with beginning of knitted hat.
They are brilliant, quick and easy and did I mention hardly any sewing?I predict this pattern will be as big as Janette’s  “ nibble nibble hop hop pattern which came out at Easter time and is such a lovely bunny pattern.
back view of tiny crochet mouse with small knitting needles.
Back view of tiny mouse crochet with DK yarn and a 3.5 mm crochet hook. The other mouse was a very fine sock yarn and 2.5mm hook. The great thing about this pattern is that it is versatile and works out regardless of yarn and hook size.

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29 thoughts on “pattern of the season.”

  1. How adorable Auntie Sharon!! Check out my page when you get a second. I left you something there 🙂 XOXO – Bacon


  2. Certain types of craftiness require patience, which I do not have. For many years, painting was my calm time. I haven’t done it in forever, but eventually I’d like to get back to some form of crafting. Either painting or jewelry, something that gives me an external creative outlet.


  3. I agree..those little bells and squeak things are a no no..i still put all their toys away when we finish playing..after my sisters German Shepherd needed a hug op because our mum left him with a tennis ball..half of it lodged in his tummy…not good. 😦


  4. Thank you so much. I bet your critters would enjoy a game with them! They make good dog and cat toys because they are all in one piece! No “choky” bits! 🙂


  5. Yeah I saw it on Janette’s blog and commented too. I love the back of your grey mousie…so realistic especially the tail 🙂 This is on my ‘immediate to do ‘ list along with a couple of more patterns that have been shared here…I must find a way to create more time LOL !!
    I love this pattern for the ‘no sew’ feature.


  6. Cute. I have absolutely zero talent where it pertains to crocheting or knitting. I don’t think I can even sew, except maybe if a person needs stitches. I can paint and do other things, but this is out of my league.


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